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Barrington Reads - February 2015

Barrington Reads is a community initiative that encourages everyone to read the same book at the same time. Read, then join us for programs and discussions on this year’s selected title.

About the Book

Our 2015 title is 11/22/63, by one of the best-selling authors in history, Stephen King. Jake Epping is a teacher with an uneventful life in Lisbon Falls, Maine. But small towns often hold big secrets, and soon Epping is pushed through a portal in time, given the ability to change the events leading to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. One of King’s very best, most literary works, this is a thoughtful meditation on a painful chapter in history, as well as a sympathetic character study of a man simply trying to do the right thing.


Book Discussions

Join librarians Liz and Sam and talk about this powerful story with your Barrington area neighbors and friends. Register for the date of your choice.

Saturday, Feb 7, 2 PM
(with guest discussion leader Edith Maynard)
Zimmerman Room

Monday, Feb 9, 7 PM

The Annex in downtown Barrington - held with our LIT social book club for adults

Thursday, Feb 26, 10 AM
(with guest discussion leader Edith Maynard)
Zimmerman Room

Related Programs

Delve deeper into the life, death, and times of President John F. Kennedy with these thought-provoking programs. From popular media to civil rights, from music to fashion, the Kennedy “Camelot” years changed America forever. Except where noted, the following programs take place in the library’s Meeting Room. Register using the links below.

Define Your Vintage Style
Thursday, Feb 5, 7 PM

Meet us at ReDeFind at 400 East Main Street, Suite 200, for a short seminar on exceptional vintage style. Owner Laura Knecht shows off her favorite pieces and demonstrates how to incorporate vintage clothing into a modern closet.

The Cuban Missile Crisis
Sunday, Feb 8, 2 PM

On October 22, 1962, President Kennedy addressed the nation, stating missiles in Cuba were a “clear and present danger," and demanding that the Soviet Union remove them. Americans, with recent memories of WWII and the Korean War, rallied behind this young and charismatic president. Professor Gary Midkiff examines this important historical confrontation. This program was funded by a generous gift from The Scheel Endowment.

Pierre Salinger and the 1,000 Days of Kennedy’s Camelot
Wednesday, Feb 11, 7 PM
Told from the point of view of White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, this program covers not only the Kennedy assassination, but the 1,000 days that made up the 35th President’s administration. Learn of the close relationship Salinger had with the President, and Salinger’s unique perspective on some of the most dangerous times in our country’s recent history.

Family Sock Hop Featuring Fast Eddie and The Corvettes
Friday, Feb 13, 7-9 PM

Travel back to the 1950’s – 1960’s with Fast Eddie and The Corvettes and a one-night-only library sock hop! Snap some old school pix in the photo booth (with some famous friends...), and make a craft poodle to decorate your skirt. Take a spin on the dance floor with help from Dancewerks, under the direction of Ellen Werksman featuring the dancers of Midwest Dance Collective and The Entertainers, or just sit back and enjoy vintage rock from those happy days. We'll be serving up yummy retro snacks, too, and the first 150 guests will receive a free mini ice cream sundae! Doors open at 7 PM, live music begins at 8 PM.

Beatlemania and the Music of the ‘50s and ‘60s
Sunday, Feb 15, 2 PM

Join musicologist and professor Michael Weis as he explores the cultural impact of music in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Weis discusses The British Invasion, as well as the Ed Sullivan Show musical appearance that helped a grieving nation begin to recover.

The Space Race
Wednesday, Feb 18, 7 PM

In the 1960s, the U.S. and the Soviet Union were locked in a race to send men to the Moon. How did the Soviets try to beat the Americans and what happened to their efforts after Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the Moon in 1969? Michelle Nichols from the Adler Planetarium relives the Space Race with images and information you may have never seen.

Vintage Makeup Studio
Thursday, Feb 19, 7 PM
Join us at Bomber Betty Custom Cosmetics at 400 East Main Street, Suite 200, for this workshop on vintage makeup. We'll focus on recreating and updating eye and lip styles from the ‘50s and ‘60s. This program was funded by a generous gift from The Scheel Endowment.

The Assassination of President John F Kennedy
Saturday, Feb 21, 2 PM
The assassination of JFK shocked and transformed a nation. Historian Jim Gibbons explores the death of the president and the ways that it changed everything that came after.

Kennedy and the Civil Rights Movement
Sunday, Feb 22, 2 PM
President Kennedy walked a very thin line between what was morally right and what was morally wrong but politically expedient. He supported the Civil Rights Movement but he also needed the support of Southern politicians - for whom segregation was as American as apple pie. Lyndon Johnson signed the momentous Civil Rights Act of 1965, but professor Gary Midkiff will focus on the groundwork and efforts Kennedy made in this area before his assassination. This program was funded by a generous gift from The Scheel Endowment.

Jackie Kennedy: Aesthetics of Style
Saturday, Feb 28, 2 PM
Dr. Michelle Mishur examines Jacqueline Kennedy's impact on culture and fashion during her tenure as first lady. Images and discussion will illuminate how Kennedy's style, grace, and poise were interrelated to her interests in fashion, art, and other subjects.





Unbroken: One Book One Barrington 2013

Featuring Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

One Book One Barrington 2013 officially ended on Saturday, April 27, at our wonderful Swing It! dance and concert. We're still counting, but hundreds of people participated in this year's OBOB, making it our biggest and most successful yet.

We couldn't have done it without our generous co-sponsors and community partners who provided funding, guidance, programming, locations and so many other key elements of One Book One Barrington. Our primary co-sponsors were the Barrington 220 Educational Foundation and the PTO President's Council. We would like to give all of our partners a special thank you here - please let them know you appreciate their work in our community and their support of the library and its programming.


About the book:

Book jacket for Laura Hillenbrand's UnbrokenUnbroken by Laura Hillenbrand tells the true story of Louis Zamperini, a WWII airman and former US Olympic distance runner. After the crash of his B-24, Zamperini floated through the Pacific in a tiny life raft, ultimately traveling 2,000 miles before being captured and enduring Japanese prison camps for two years.

Read about author Laura Hillenbrand.
Additional reading, reviews and videos about Louis Zamperini, Laura Hillenbrand and Unbroken.