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Grow a Reader @ the Barrington Area Library

Helping a young child learn to read might seem like a daunting task compared to helping with other milestones like sitting up, walking, and talking. Armed with a little knowledge and a willingness to make it happen, you can make learning to read an enjoyable process for your child.

Before Reading and Writing, There Is Emergent Literacy

Emergent literacy is what children know about reading and writing before they can actually read or write. Emergent literacy skills are the building blocks of reading and writing. From birth through the preschool years, children develop knowledge of spoken language, the sounds that form words, letters, writing, and books. Children need this knowledge to be able to learn to read and write later in life.

Getting Started: Reading Aloud

The very best way to get a child ready for reading is to read aloud to him or her. When reading aloud, you are giving your child a gift of your undivided attention, adding a peaceful moment to your stressful schedule, opening doors to a world of possibilities, and setting the stage for a lifelong love of learning. You are also giving your child essential pre-reading skills. Reading can happen only when these skills have been acquired. As you read aloud to your child, each of these vital skills will slip into your child's knowledge.

Did you know...

Reading experts suggest that children need to have 1,000 stories read to them before they can learn to read for themselves! Sound impossible with your busy schedule? That's only about a book a day for three years—not so hard after all.

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