Complete a variety of reading activities to earn fun rewards. Library clubs are a great way to maintain reading skills when school isn’t in session, or to encourage free reading.

Looking for some reading suggestions while waiting for the next club? Try this page.

Summer Library Club: Summer of Adventure at Camp BAL!
Thanks for joining us on a summer of adventure. Summer Library Club 2016 has now ended.

Why join the Summer Library Club? Summer learning opportunities lead to higher graduation rates and positive effects on children’s self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. Kids who join Summer Library Club read, play, and stay curious all summer long, at home, at the library, or on the go. That lessens the effect of learning loss, which often occurs during time off from school. 

School Days Reading Club + Playful Learning Challenge
Grades K - 2

School Days Reading Club and Playful Learning Challenge have ended for this year. Thanks for participating!

Winter Library Club:
Dec 21 - Jan 31

Read To Succeed Winter Library Club with the Chicago Wolves is over for this year.

Preschool Club (Birth - K):
Collect stickers for library visits and receive a free book when you reach your goal.

Student Club (Grades K - 8):
Score a free book and complete 10 reading activities to be entered to win Chicago Wolves tickets. Log more activities to earn more chances to win tickets and other prizes.