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July - August 2017:
the oil paintings of Richard Schmidt

South suburban artist Richard Schmidt has been painting for more than 40 years, showing primarily in Illinois, Indiana, and the Hudson Valley region of New York.

Artist Statement:
I have always been fascinated with painting nature and those things not quite permanent. I personally see spiritual significance in the density and feel of matter-there is something timeless, immortal about it-whether a rock, tree, water, a bowl of fruit, or an old barn falling down on itself. These things have texture, dimension, and a soul. Trying to express the three-dimensional world on two-dimensional canvas is a daunting challenge. This is my aim with every new painting.

Using oils, I primarily use landscapes and still life to study and interpret reality because one can look intently at and study objects that, on a whole, do not move.

My most satisfying results come from losing myself in the subjects that I paint. In a sense, becoming the subject. Capture that color, see the sunshine, walk into those woods, feel the cold, the texture of the rock, hear the music of the babbling stream, enjoy the warmth of an autumn day.

I interpret the colors and light using a wet-on-wet technique and a modified pointillism style. The light playing on the subjects and their environment is the real inspiration.
Richard Schmidt, 6/6/2017.

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E-mail dicksart37@gmail.com
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