South side of Algonquin Road (Route 62), 1/2 mile east of Bateman Road, Barrington Hills. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. Maintained by Barrington Township. Entry through the locked gate on Route 62 may be obtained by calling the Barrington Township office at (847)381-5632. This cemetery is closed for burials.


Transcription, Michelle Safirstein, May, 2004

Adamek, John
Braga, Curtis
Braga, George
Deuchler, Carl
Deuchler, Charles (1869)
Deuchler, Charles (1894)
Deuchler, John
Deuchler, Sophia
Dworak Children
Dworak, Dorothea
Forn, Andrew
Forn, Francis
Forn, Frank
Forn, John
Freeman, Horace R.D.
Freeman, Lydia
Freeman, William B. (?)
Goodson, Elizabeth
Haight, Lewis
Haight, Mary D.
Haskins, Margaret
Haskins, Nehemiah
Helm, Charles
Helm, Charles F.
Helm, Frances
Helm, Friedericke
Helm, George E.
Helm, Minnie S.
Helm, Otto (1858)
Helm, Otto (1880)
Hubbard, D. Whitford
Hubbard, Sarah
Hubbard, Winslow
Hubbard, Theodotia

Hubbard, Solon
Hubbard, Betsey
Hubbard, Charles
Hubbard, Maryette
Hubbard, Zilpha
Jackson, Alda E.
Jackson, George M.
Jackson, Gracie
Jackson, Harvey H.
Jackson, Ida
Jackson, James K.P.
Jackson, Minerva
Jackson, Robert (1882)
Jackson, Robert J.
Jackson, Sylvester C.
Jackson, William J.
Janak, Nettie
Kanka, Francis
Kanka, Frankie
Lindgron, Lydia E.
Miller, John D.
Seeber, Mary A.
Slag, Josef
Smith, Henry (1899)
Smith, William E.
Unknown "Jane"
Wolaver, Eliza Goodson
Wolaver, Giles