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5 Books for Dog Man Fans

Here at the Barrington Area Library, we know a lot of fans of the Dog Man series. Here are 5 books that will keep Dog Man Fans reading while they wait for the next book to arrive.  

Sparks is a dog that has conducted many heroic rescues.  But Sparks is not your typical dog! He is actually a robotic dog suit controlled by two very smart cats. Can the cats keep their secret identity a secret and stop a nefarious plot to control all the animals?  






Catwad: Its Me

Move over Garfield, there is a new grumpy cat in town and his name is Catwad. Catwad’s best friend is Blurmp, a not too bright super optimistic cat. The contrast between these two as they interact, makes for some very funny situations throughout this silly graphic novel.



Real Pigeons Fight Crime

 All of the animals on the farm think Rock Pigeon is strange because he enjoys disguising himself as different animals and plants. However, Grandpouter Pigeon is thrilled by Rock Pigeon’s talent and recruits him into his special group of crime fighting pigeons. Their first case: find out where all the breadcrumbs have gone! 


Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School

Two dogs, Sassy and Waldo, are tired of their owner, Stuart, going to school. Stuart always comes home from school sad and anxious. To help Stuart, the dogs decide that they will impersonate a student by climbing on top of each other and wearing a trench coat. Luckily, Waldo can speak human and the two dogs are able to fool everyone, except Stuart.   

Caveboy Dave: More Scrawny than Brawny

Caveboy Dave is determined to invent something that cave people really need. But with his grandfather inventing fire, and his dad inventing the wheel, nobody is impressed with his inventions of forks or underwear. When Dave and his peers go on a hunting trip, he has to find a way to use his inventions to save the day. 

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  Youth Services Librarian Ann McWilliams-Piraino


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