West side of Ela Road, 1/4 mile south of Dundee Road (Route 68), Inverness. Palatine Township, Cook County, Illinois. Maintained by Palatine Township. The gate is locked. Call Palatine Township, (847)358-6700, for entry.


Transcription by Michelle Safirstein, October, 2004

Abbott, Ethan B.
Adams, Francis T.
Bellows, Warren L.
Boothman, George
Boothman, Hannah
Bryan, Nacy Burrill
Burrill, Richard
Burrill, William
Cady Family
Catlow, John
Catlow, Elizabeth (1897)
Catlow, Elizabeth (1861)
Catlow, Leroy
Collen, Charlotte
Dahl, Heinrich
Daniels, Susan Burrill
Daniels, Laura G.
Edgerton, Isaac
Edgerton, Sarah
Edgerton, Zebina
Elvidge, Cynthia
Elvdige, Nellie
Elvidge, James
Elvidge, Grant
Elvidge, Lawson (military stone)
Elvidge, Lawson F.
Elvidge, Martha
Foskett, Infant
Freeman, Eliza
Freeman, Esther Ann
Freeman, Samuel
Geary, John
Geary, Julia
Geary, Theo. G.
Hough, Carrie
Hunnewell, Martha
Kitson, Ann
Kitson, John
Kitson, Lloyd R.
Miller, James
Mix, Elizabeth
Mix, Harriet
Mix, Ira
Mix, Lurenda (1850)
Mix, Lurenda (1871)
Mix, Milton
Mix, Lois
Mix, Warren
Page, George
Page, Ann
Page, Betsy
Page, Thomas
Page, George W.
Page, Lilly May
Roberts, George
Samar, Lena
Swick, Catherine
Swick, Sarah (1858)
Swick, Sarah E. (1870)
Swick, Thomas
Unknown "Ann."
Van Valkenburg, Ann
Vanderbogart, Caroline Swick
Vanderbogart, Peter
Wiard, Jane
Wilson, Coraet