610 Dundee Avenue, between Hillside and Coolidge Avenues, Barrington. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. It is open for burials. The Barrington Area Library has a grave map with names of those who purchased the lots. Section numbers are approximate and are based on the original plot owners listed on the map.


Transcription, Library Staff and Volunteers<.p>

Cadwallader, Alma K. Sec C
Cady, Frank A. and Clarissa A.  4-11
Cady, Frank W. and Amanda S.  4-11
Cady, Fred S. and Lelah Wells  4-12
Caesar Family  14-8
Caesar, Orville Swan  14-9
Cairo, Mary  22-7
Cairo, Michael  22-8
Calbow, Lewis F.  13-1
Caliento, Beverly M. and Tony J.  17-7
Calkins, Arthur  14-35
Calkins, Ella J.  14-35
Calkins, Hugh  14-35
Calkins, Irene  14-35
Calkins, Judd A.  14-35
Calkins, Lillian  14-35
Cameron, George and Eva
Cameron, Janet I.
Camm Family G-44
Camm, Harriet G-44
Camm, Mary Ann G-44
Campbell, Alastair Macintosh
Campbell, Colin Whipple L-4
Campbell, Fred L.
Canby Family
Canby, Caleb H., Jr. 26-20
Canby, Katharine V.  6-22
Canby, Lloyd  6-22
Canby, Lloyd, Jr.  6-22
Canby, Ruth Cudney 26-20
Cannon, Elsie M. and William M.
Cannon, Florence N., Keith R., Ethel M. and Ray C.
Cannon, Grace Otis
Cannon, Myrtle A. and Walter J.  13-7
Cannon, Ruth Brasel and Brasel, Carl R.  18-19
Captain, William H. and Betty H.
Capulli, Daniel R. G-14
Capulli, David R.
Capulli, Della G-6
Capulli, Jane P.
Capulli, Leonard R G-14.
Capulli, Raymond G-14
Capulli, Romeo G-6
Cardinallo Family
Cardwell Family  17-33
Carlow, Louise
Carlson Family B-6
Carlson, Denise Chantal B-6
Carlson, Hugo and Margot 26-65
Carmichael, Donald A.  13-3
Carmichael, Eleanor and Dudley  13-3
Carmichael, Harriet S.  13-3
Carmichael, Phyllis and George  13-3
Carmichael, Thurlow S.  13-3
Carmichael, William G.  13-3
Carne Family
Carne, Curtis A.
Carne, Raymond J. and Beatrice C. 26-56
Carne, Richard P.
Carne, Robert P.
Carpenter, Dorothy E. 26-44
Carpenter, Thomas W. 26-44
Carr, Daniel Brian  14-34
Carr, Donna R. and Michael A.
Carr, Doris E.  14-34
Carr, Michael A.
Carr, Norman R. and Julia L.
Carr, Norman R. and Julia L.
Carr, Priscilla H.  14-34
Carson, George L.  22-2
Carter, Edith Judson  3-7
Carter, Fay Thompson  3-7
Carteron, Audrey B. Sect L
Carteron, Helen M.
Carteron, Leslie, Jr. Sect G
Carteron, Russell S.
Cassell, Martin L., Jr. and Claudia Stone  29-73 
Castle Family D-10
Castle Family Sect F
Castle Family  9-15
Castle Family  4-20
Castle, Angelia D-10
Castle, Arthur Lee
Castle, B.B. Sect F
Castle, Edward D-10
Castle, Etta   9-15
Castle, Eva D-10
Castle, Grace E., Alfred E., Arthur L., Howard P. and Glass, Caroline Castle  4-20
Castle, Grace Wood  4-20
Castle, Harold Alvin and Lydia Swanquist
Castle, Howard Percy  4-20
Castle, Jerusha W. D-10
Castle, Jessie D.   9-15
Castle, Lester D. D-10
Castle, Lester Davis and Dorothy Woods
Castle, Maude F. Sect F
Castle, Percy V.
Castle, Perley D. and Edith D.
Castle, Perley Delos
Castle, Sarah Edwards  4-20
Catlow Family
Catlow, Arthur W. and Mary  13-1
Catlow, C.E.  13-4
Catlow, Clara
Catlow, Clara
Catlow, Clarence E.  13-4
Catlow, Eleanor  14-20
Catlow, Elizabeth June
Catlow, Emma (1918)  13-4
Catlow, Emma  18-9
Catlow, Ethyl  14-20
Catlow, J.B. F-6
Catlow, James F-6
Catlow, James (1920)  13-1
Catlow, John E.  13-4
Catlow, John H.  18-9
Catlow, Joseph G.
Catlow, Joseph G.
Catlow, Louise  13-1
Catlow, Mary
Catlow, Mary
Catlow, Mary
Catlow, Mary (1890)
Catlow, Mary (1890)
Catlow, Mary (1918)
Catlow, Mary Ann F-6
Catlow, Robert A.  13-1
Catlow, Wright R.  14-20
Cefala, Robert J. and Linda L.  29-50
Centers, Ronald G.
Challos, Elaine
Chamberlain, Lydia A. King  7-35
Chambers, James R. L-8
Chang, Chin-Hwa
Chang, Gideon and Clara
Chang, Gideon and Clara
Chang, Ku E Jar
Chang, Pienchen & Tenghsian
Chang, Pienchen & Tenghsian
Chang, Samuel Yuan and Mei Lai
Chapek, Joseph F. and Sybil S.  10-26
Chapel, Mable J. and Wilbur R.  17-8
Chase, Benjamin
Chase, Benjamin C.
Chase, Linnie F.
Chase, Lorinda Mix
Chase, S.L.
Cheberenchick, Samuel and Jean T.
Cheney, Harold C.  6-7
Cheng, Chi Ying  29-53
Cherry, Clifford Daniel  2-10
Cherry, Ruby Evelyn  2-10
Chiakas, Theresa  15-23
Chin, Jae Hong, Jung Ja Hond, Jong Cheul Han and Jum Ye Kim
Chisholm, Donald Stuart  16-16
Chisholm, Jacqueline L.  16-16
Chmaj, Carol J.
Chmaj, Francis B.
Christensen, Chris and Clara Sodt
Christiansen, Arnie
Christiansen, Arnie
Christiansen, Carole J.
Christiansen, Chris and Clara Sodt  3-2
Christiansen, Eugene O.
Chuboff, David P.  28-36
Chung, Carol E.
Church H.H.
Church, Addie B. B-16
Church, Alice S. D-47
Church, Alvira I. B-16
Church, Anna E. D-47
Church, Caroline J.
Church, Clyde L. and Norrine S.  4-12
Church, Grace E. B-16
Church, H.H. D-5
Church, Harrison G. D-47
Church, Horace H. D-5
Church, Infant Daughter B-16
Church, Infant Son D-47
Church, J.C.
Church, Jane M. Humiston D-5
Church, Jared C. D-31
Church, Lida A. D-31
Church, Samuel B.
Church, Samuel B.
Church, Susan E. and A. Delos b B-16
Claredorn, Dorothy
Clark, Bernard J.
Clark, Ellen F-26
Clark, Helen P.
Clark, Jack Sr.  14-22
Clark, June A.
Clark, Keith D.
Clark, Robert Kenneth
Clark, Rose  14-22
Clarke, Betsy  13-30
Clarke, Samuel  13-30
Claubitz, Caroline
Claude, Julian J. and Ida S. 20-19
Claude, Julian J. and Ida S. 20-19
Clavin, Dorothy Catherine and Lawrence A.  27-4
Clay, Brian Gibson E-54
Claypool, Charles H. Sect 26
Claypool, Clinton B. and Margaret W. Sect 26
Cline, Crate F-(12)
Clinge, Bernadine C-14
Clinge, John D. C-14
Clinge, Violet C-14
Clinge, William H., Anna J., and Emory  14-30
Clinger, Mary J.
Cobb, Janet Sissy 26-34
Cobb, Robert K. 26-34
Cobb, Terry P. 26-34
Cobler, Diana Joy
Cochran, Allan K. and Margit W.
Coffman, Harry M.  15-17
Coffman, Ruth V.  15-17
Cogswell, Merton B. and Vera J. Umbriet
Colburn, Luke D-37
Colburn, Luke and Mary D-37
Colburn, Mary B-17
Colby, Amelia Hawley B-17
Colby, Arthur P.

Colby, Enoch, Jr. B-17
Colby, Enoch, Jr. B-17
Colby, Maida B.
Collen, Ethel F-25
Collen, Harriet
Collen, John  15-6
Collen, Joie F-25
Collen, Joseph and Sophia C-18
Collen, Mary  C-18
Collen, Mary  15-6
Collen, William  C-18
Collen, Willie  F-25
Collins, Bridget Lamey   B-26
Collins, Claude P. 26-60
Collins, Claude P. and Cora M. 26-60
Collins, Emma T. and Alfred R. D-22
Collins, Evangeline M. and Robert F.
Collins, Julian B. and Caroline M.  18-15
Collins, Marilyn J.  18-15
Colsmann, Margarete  21-1
Coltrin, Celia  15-16
Coltrin, Charles W. F-49
Coltrin, Donald C.  15-16
Coltrin, Frederic C.  15-16
Coltrin, Lotta Castle F-49
Coltrin, Neal J.  15-16
Coltrin, Veronica C.  15-16
Condill, Blanchard W. and Fern M. 20-34
Condill, Blanchard W., Fern M. and Charles C. 20-34
Condill, Ruth M.
Condill, William Frank 20-34
Condill, William Frank 20-34
Conger, Rex L-(2)
Conlon, Lois L. and Robert E.  24-2
Conn, Harvey and Hazel P.  16-27
Conner, Algie James
Conner, Mabel C. and Kenneth L.
Conrad, Arthur F.  14-1
Conrad, Baby  14-1
Conrad, Baby  14-1
Conrad, Fred M. and Ora B.  6-14
Conrad, Marjorie K. and Arthur F.  14-1
Conti, George, Mary Lynn and Adelyn Biermann
Cook, Ernest A.
Cook, Russell and Cora 26-38
Cook, Saidee B. and Wilbur C.
Cooper, Ernest B.
Cooper, Gertrude and Harry E. 20-3
Corbett Family  19-34
Corbett, Betty A. and Bruce L.  19-35
Corbett, Marion Bard  19-35
Corcoran, Gregory A.  28-2
Corderman, Daniel "Dean"  14-30
Cornmesser, Harold B.  16-5
Cornmesser, Vivian E.  16-5
Corona, Isaac Sect BS 
Corradini, Kenneth F. and Kathy S.
Correll, Maria A. Sect D
Cory, Donald W.  27-41
Cosack, Stephen W.
Cosman, Ioan & Lucia  29-14
Cox, Benjamin Carlan  1-12
Cox, Ruth Luddy  1-12
Cox, Warren Curtis and Irma Jane  1-12
Craft, Esther M.
Craft, William F.
Creet, James (1929), Sarah, James (1869), Frank D-39

Creet, Ella D-39
Creet, J.C. B-42
Creet, James (1909) B-42
Creet, Thomas H. D-39

Crehan, William Earle
Crehan, William Earle
Croft, Grace E. and Raymond B. 29-37
Cronin, Timothy
Cronk, Willie F-31
Cronwall, Catherine H. and Stanley E.
Crouch, Elsie E. and George E.  21-2
Crowley Family  27-21
Crowley, Margaret Mary  27-21
Crumrine, Roy A.
Cruttenden, Arthur E.  26-63
Cullen, Lawrence J.  28-36
Culloton, Carolyn Boehmer
Culloton, William F.
Cummings, W. Bachelder and Miette B. B-44
Cummins, John J.
Cunningham, James Alfred and Elizabeth Berkley  14-29
Cunningham, Virginia
Curriden, Florence Nauerth
Currier, Charles H., Jr.  4-4
Curtis, Frederic A. and Bernice S. 29-41
Czarra, Botho H.
Daeschler, Grace J. and John F.  11-12
Dahir Family  3-18
Dahir, Alexander  3-18
Dahir, Charles W.  3-18
Dahir, Effie  3-18
Dahir, Haggie  3-18
Dahir, James  3-18
Dahir, William A.  3-18
Dahir, William, Jr.  3-18
Dahl, Lars and Esther  22-1
Dahlen, Waldo E. 29-79
Dai, Ser Jew
Daley, Walter C. and Phillippa  27-15
Dallstream, Andrew John 26-35
Danielson, Robert A. and Natalie A.
Darch, Andrew Sect BS
Darrow, William Dwight  1-16
Dasburg, Donald Alan
David, Alice and William B-36
David, D. Mary Hughes 20-23
David, D. Mary Hughes 20-23
Davis Family D-20
Davis, August W. D-20
Davis, Curt  15-4
Davis, Flora D. D-20
Davis, Harriet H.
Davis, Henry and Elizabeth
Davis, John Walter and Betty Hart
Davis, Luther W. D-20
Davis, Luther W. D-20
Davis, Nancy J. Brown Cruttenden 26-63
Davis, Raymond Heath
Dawes, Charles C.  1-10
Dawes, Mignon McGibeny  1-10
Dawson, Annie I-7
Dawson, David
Dawson, Eugene W.
Dawson, Gracie I-7
Dawson, James K. and Evelyn W.
Dawson, John Record  4-19
Dawson, Judith A.
Dawson, Mary J. I-7
Dawson, Nellie I-7
Dawson, William I-7
De Bolt, James Henry and Jessie Gertrude Hall  18-24
De Koning, Johanna G.
De Larye, William L., Dr. and Marjorie M.
De Neve Family
De Neve, Rene H.  18-40
De Neve, Vivian M.  18-40
De Pue, Emma and John
Dechow, H. William and Norma Kaye  10-9
Deeter, Ellis
Defter, Ellis  16-11
Degner, Edward O.  18-29
Deibler, Carly Ann Sect BS
Deihl, Charlie E. and Ferrie W.  10-19
Deihl, Walter  10-19
Deill Family K-2
Deill Family
Deill, Abbie Maria
Deill, Alida K-2
Deill, Alida
Deill, Alida
Deill, Frank H. K-2
Deill, Frank H.
Deill, Frank H.
Deill, John E. K-2
Deill, John E.
Deill, John E.
Deill, Lyman K-2
Deill, Lyman L. and Abby Maria K-2
Delano, Amanda D-2
Delano, Amanda D-2
Delhaye, Alta A. Hall  2-9
Dermetzidis, Michael D. and Teodozja
Dermody, Maria F-29
Dermody, Thomas F-29
Dermody, Thomas and Maria F-29
Dermody, Thomas J.H. F-29
Dermody, Thomas J.H.
Despota, Nino and Beverly M. 29-66
Devers, Gary W.  24-6
DeVol, Catharine A. B-45
DeVol, Olney E. B-45
Diba, Kourush C. 29-60
Dickinson Family D-37
Dickinson, Christopher D-37
Dickinson, Christopher
Dickinson, Christopher and Sarah C. D-37
Dickinson, Christopher and Sarah D. D-37
Dickinson, Sarah D. D-37
Dickson, Robert C. B-46
Dierker, Grace and Edmund F., Jr.
Dietrich, Elizabeth and Philip
Dietrich, Malinda E. and George C. 20-14
Dietrich, Malinda E. and George C. 20-14
Dietrich, Rolland G. 20-14
Dietrich, Rolland G. 20-14
Dill, Charles and Martha Sect F
Dineen, Dolorita M.  15-16
Dineen, Thomas N.  15-16
Ditfurth, Florence Elizabeth and Walter Ludwig
Dittman, Clarence G. and Florence F.  15-18
Dix Family Sect G
Dix, C.H. Sect G
Dixon, Ambrose T., Jr.  21-5
Dixon, Ethel Green  21-5
Doak, Betty Grace  3-13
Doak, Elizabeth S.  3-13
Doak, Ralph R.  3-13
Doak, Ralph R., Jr.  3-13
Dobeck, Lucille E. & Vernon L.
Dobson, Millicent  2-3
Dobson, Olive  2-3
Dobson, Ruth  2-3
Dobson, William  2-3
Dockery, Dorsey W., Minnie, and Thomas J.  9-10
Dockery, Ronald L. and Barbara G. 26-21
Dockery, Thomas F. and Olga M. 26-28
Dodd, Donald F. and Anne P.  10-10
Dodd, John F.  10-10
Dodd, John F.  10-10
Dodge Family B-12
Dodge, Allie B-12
Dodge, Anna J. Marble B-12
Dodge, Chester C. B-12
Dodge, Julia A. B-12
Dodge, Marcus W. B-12
Dodge, Martha Q-12
Dodge, William C. and John G. B-12
Doering, Edith Hartz  3-20
Doerschlen, Barry E.
Dohmeyer, Frank A. and Frances B. Sect D
Dohmeyer, Fred D-39
Dohmeyer, James D-39
Dohmeyer, Sarah Creet D-39
Donahue, Charles L. and Florence C.
Donahue, William J. and Lillian M.
Dong, Jack Ho, Sr. and Mee Wan
Donlea Family  8-4
Donlea Family
Donlea Family
Donlea, Ann
Donlea, Diana L. C-10
Donlea, Elizabeth M. 26-28
Donlea, Francis J. 26-28
Donlea, Frank and Bertha  8-4
Donlea, Henry and Nellie  8-4
Donlea, Johanna B-15
Donlea, John M. C-10
Donlea, John M. and Diana L. C-10
Donlea, John W.
Donlea, Mary
Donlea, Mary J. and Michael J. B-15
Donlea, Patrick
Donlea, Patrick and Ann B-15
Donlea, Patrick Joseph and Loretta Irene Paris
Donlea, Priscilla
Donlea, Wilferd E. and Anna H.
Donlea, William
Donlea, William K. and Bridget C-10
Donlea, William K. and Bridget C-10
Donnelly, Edward John
Dorsch, Victor V. 29-72
Dorwaldt Family  2-9
Dorwaldt, Lawrence L. and Matilda  2-9 
Douglas, Hazel C. 20-11
Douglas, Hazel C. 20-11
Douglas, John F. 20-11
Douglas, John F. 20-11
Douglas, Mary M. 20-11
Douglas, Mary M. 20-11
Dow, Esther L. and Wallace T. Q-3
Dowling, Barry
Dowling, Hazel
Dowling, John H. and Sammie Wells
Down, Edward James
Doyle, J. Peter and Geraldine B.
Doyle, James A. and Cynthia M.
Drake, Melvin and Hattie Sect D
Drake, Melvin and Hattie Sect D
Draper Family
Draper, Eva Mott
Draper, Lewis Frederic
Dravis, John H. B-39
Dravis, Louise B-39
Drewes, Alvin F. and Lorraine M. Sect 26
Dreyer, Alfred C.  3-25
Dreyer, Wilhelm L. and Carolena W.  3-25
Drinkard, Stokes and Elsie 20-27
Drinkard, Stokes and Elsie 20-27
Drover, Bennett E. 26-34
Drover, Douglas E. 26-34
Drover, Jean E. 26-34
Drover, Percy R., Ethel Ladd, and Gail Ladd
Drussel Family  15-8
Drussel, Charles H.  15-8
Drussel, Charles R.  15-8
Drussel, Ella Halter  15-8
Duchesne, Harry H. Sect 20
Duckworth, Z. Clark
Duey, Clara L.
Duke, Adeline Sect B
Dunn, C. D-22
Dunn, C. and Margaret McKenzie
Dunn, Dennis (1903) and Catherine B-32
Dunn, Dennis (1922) B-32
Dunn, Elizabeth A.  14-5
Dunn, Elizabeth and John  14-5
Dunn, Ellen B-32
Dunn, John B-32
Dunn, Mamie B-32
Dunn, Richard B-32
Dunn, William E.  14-5
Dunne, Ethel M. and Edward L.  14-5
Dunne, James E.  14-5
Dunne, Tolia L. Burton B-32
Dunning, C.S. D-8
Dunning, Eliza B. D-8
Dunteman, Laura Brommelkamp
Duong, Van An and Nguyen, Thi Co
Duras, Bernice D. and Edward G.  24-3
Durbin, Dowell  17-38
Durbin, Mildred S.  17-38
Durbin, Nell B.  17-38
Dwyer, John and Carlene 29-26
Dye, Maud Marie Sect B
Dykstra, David Charles and Samara Lou