610 Dundee Avenue, between Hillside and Coolidge Avenues, Barrington. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. It is open for burials. The Barrington Area Library has a grave map with names of those who purchased the lots. Section numbers are approximate and are based on the original plot owners listed on the map.


Transcription, Library Staff and Volunteers

Easterly, Edward J. and Ruby   18-32
Easterly, Edward, Rose and Woodrow C.  18-32
Easterly, Roy and Grace  18-39
Easthope, Mary M. 26-37
Ebel Family  9-16
Ebel, Esther  2-13
Ebel, Joachim C.  9-16
Ebel, John C. and Juanita A. Sect B
Ebel, John L. and Katherine Sect B
Ebel, Katherine  9-16
Ebel, Theodore  2-13
Eby, Charles J. and Amelia M. 26-37
Eby, Phillip  26-37
Eckert, Eleanor Coxon  25-3
Eckert, Fred Davies  25-3
Edgerton, Lorin  F-15
Edgerton, Mary Louise and Sarah  F-15
Edgerton, Matilda Q. Graham  F-15
Edinger, Lorraine V. and Edward P.  27-15
Edmundson, William F. and Ruth M. 26-33
Edwards, Albert A. F-(10)
Edwards, Annette H.
Edwwards, Helen L.  14-28
Edwards, Ida May F-(10)
Egan, Mary Louise and Michael J.
Eggert, H.J. and Annie G-34
Ehrig, Wayne A.  27-3
Eichhorst Family
Eide, Alfred N. and Alice B. 26-38
Eigbrecht, Erna and Frank  22-2
Eilers, Emily P-3
Eilers, Henry P-3
Eisele, Mina
Eklund, Carl H.  23-4
Eklund, Loretta W.  23-4
Ekman, Donald Carl
Ekstrom, Milton David and Rose Marie
Elfrink Family Q-15
Elfrink Family  9-22
Elfrink Family  2-21
Elfrink, Amanda and George  17-10
Elfrink, Clara Lois Q-15
Elfrink, Dorathea Kropp  9-22
Elfrink, Edna  2-21
Elfrink, Emma Lavina Q-15
Elfrink, Emma Lavina Q-15
Elfrink, Henry and Caroline Q-15
Elfrink, Henry Family
Elfrink, Ira Daniel  2-21
Elfrink, J.B., Rev.  9-22
Elfrink, Katharine  2-21
Elfrink, Lewis L.  2-21
Elfrink, Orville A. Q-15
Elfrink, Samuel and Bertha Q-15
Elfrink, Wallace F. Q-15
Elkins, Elizabeth B.  15-22
Ellis, Maud and Frederick B-42
Ellis, Nicole Elizabeth
Ellison, Claramae  13-8
Ellison, Gene, Jim and Don
Elmer, Frank  2-6
Elsner, Charles A. 20-21
Elsner, Charles A. 20-21
Elsner, George J. and Emma C. 26-51
Elsner, Robert Willis G-27
Elsner, Wilils F. and Anna H. G-13
Engbrecht, George C. and Edna F.  17-29
Engbrecht, George C. Jr.  17-29
Engbrecht, Helen L.  17-29
England, Margaret I. and Robert J.  14-10
English, Arthur W.  6-17
English, Charlotte H.  6-17
English, Harold E.  6-17
English, Harold E. Jr., Dorothy Cooper and Kathrine  6-17
English, Harold E., Jr.  6-17
English, Mary Belding G-22
English, Mary Lou  1-8
English, Matthew  1-8
English, Thomas E. and Elizabeth C.  1-8
English, Wilhelmina G.  6-17
Engstrand, Sybil S.
Enrici, Clifford H.  24-13
Enrici, Lillian  24-13
Ensign, Mary A. Sect M
Erganian, Alex M.
Erickson, Blaun B-33
Erickson, Robert S.
Erland, Edwin P. and Virginia K. 26-28
Ernst, Edward W. and Hermine  7-1
Ernst, Georgia and Edward
Ernst, Howard and Hazel 26-12
Ernst, Ida and Carl  7-1
Ernst, Vera  7-1
Erskine, Yvonne Herren and Chris M.  14-25
Ertman, Elsie E. and Fred  16-18
Ertmann, Hildur D. and Frederick K.  16-18
Ertmann, Lynn Frederick and Janet Beatrice
Ertmann, Richard Lee, Judith Ann, and Sharon Jean  16-18
Esh Family  18-36
Esh, Herbert R.  18-36
Esh, Mary I.  18-36
Esh, Richard H.  18-36
Esh, Richard O.  18-36
Esh, Ruth E.  18-36
Etters, Don K.  2-14
Etters, Leslie G. and Dixie D.
Etters, Roy G. and Phyllis K.  2-14
Evanger, Helen Magee  4-10
Evanger, Richard  4-10
Evans, Evan A.  6-2
Evans, Helene C.  A-38
Evans, Pauline Hart  6-2
Evans, Robert P., Sr. and Norma Jean  A-38
Ewing, Adeline  13-18
Ewing, Paul H.  13-18
Faber, Emma A. and William J.  8-34
Faber, Otto  8-34
Faber, William  8-34
Fabrycy, Bogdan S. 26-72
Fabrycy, Hanna R. 26-72
Fackelman, Grace E. Genereaux L-1
Fagan, Elizabeth M. and George M.
Fagan, Joseph D.
Fahling, Owin L and Eileen M. 20-32
Fahling, Owin L. and Eileen M. 20-32
Fait, Brian K.  25-7
Fait, William J.  25-7
Fales, John W. and Jack
Fancsalszki, Larry J. and Eileen K.
Farley, Anna G-24
Farrar, Emma E. D-23
Farrell, Rose M. Kane  8-41
Farwell, Frank and Alice  14-27
Fatio, Maurice Pierre 20-28
Fatio, Maurice Pierre 20-28
Faulkner, Elizabeth E.  7-11
Faulkner, Lester A.  7-10
Faulkner, Lester A.  7-10
Faulkner, Lycurgus A.  7-11
Faulkner, Mildred L.  7-10
Faulkner, Richard A.  7-11
Feaker, Carolyn Kay G-35
Feinberg, George S.
Feinberg, George S. and Mary C.
Felan, Patricia Sect BS
Fell, Joseph Lucien and Judith Ann
Fellows, Hariett A. B-10
Fellows, Justin B-10
Felter, Matthew F-20
Felter, Sally M. F-20
Fencik, John and Adeline J.
Fentress, David Wendel and Jeanne Miles  24-12
Ferguson, D. Michael  23-8
Ferry, William H.
Feuerstein, Carolyn and Ervin  23-5
Ficke, Maude A. and Otto C.  9-14
Fidder Family  12-19
Fidder, Darlene M.  12-19
Fidder, John G. and Viola S.  12-19
Fidder, John G., Rev.  12-19
Fidder, Raymond H.  12-19
Fidder, Roy U.  12-19
Fidder, Viola S.  12-19
Fidder, Walter A.  12-19
Fiedler, Albert G., Jr. and Judy Barkalow 26-73
Fiedler, Anne 26-73
Fiedler, Anne S. 26-73
Fields, Joseph D-2
Filkins Family F-48
Filkins, Frank S. F-48
Filkins, Frank S. F-48
Filkins, Sarah Winchester F-48
Fink, Ernest A.  6-25
Fink, Lena  6-25
Finnerty, Thomas E., Sr.  23-11
Fischer, Alma and Arthur D-36
Fischer, Jennie and Nicholas D-36
Fischer, Kelly Anne Sect BS
Fish, Duane E. and Dorothy J.  6-18
Fisher, Louisa and Guy M. B-20
Fisher, Richard, Jr. Sect 26
Fitzgerald, James M., Jr. and S. Holland Lowden Sect B
Fitzpatrick, John Tyler Sect BS
Flamingo, Edith E.  17-42
Flamingo, Michael G.  17-42
Fleck, Myrta 26-42
Fleck, Roy C. 26-42
Fleming, Ira John and Alice F-24
Flesch, Arthur  27-11
Flesch, Emilie E. and Arthur H.  27-11
Flock, Ward J. and L. Verdelle Sect D
Flood, Garland 26-49
Flood, Robert C.  14-14
Flynn, Eldon R. 20-19
Flynn, Eldon R. 20-19
Foerster, Howard M.
Foerster, Martha V.
Foersterling, F. Jack
Foersterling, F. Jack and Nathalene D.
Foley, Minnie  7-20
Folkers, John Benard
Folleth, Albert C. and Dorothy M.  10-25
Fong, Y.F.
Foreman, Frances
Foreman, Frances
Foreman, Herbert G.
Foreman, James and Anna
Foreman, James W.
Foreman, Lilian G.
Foreman, Minnie and George
Forrest, Harriette Agnes Reichmann
Forti, Ernesto R.
Fowler, Dorothy G. and Vernon C. D-31
Fowler, Guy George and Verne Church D-31
Francek, Vincent and Josephine  17-13
Francl, Anton and Jerry  16-27
Frank, Walter III
Frankenberg, Arthur E. and Myrtle S. 26-41
Franzese, Donald A.  29-35
Fraser, Zella Vallery
Frazee, John
Frazee, John P.
Frazee, Kate S.
Frazier, Mary A. Sect E
Frebault, Christopher J.  27-30
Frebault, Lois E.  27-30
Frederick, Stanley  29-75
Fredin, Eleanor F. and Gustaf J.  18-21
Fredin, Margaret  18-21
Fredrick, Margaret Ann Soos & Louis B.
Free, Dexter S. and Esther D.  27-1
Freeland, Wright C. and Hazel E.
Freeman Family D-45
Freeman Family  4-9
Freeman, Flora D-45
Freeman, Hannah D-45
Freeman, Hattie S. and Theodore W.
Freeman, Joseph R.  4-9
Freeman, Julia D-45
Freeman, Lucy J.  4-9
Freeman, May D-45
Freeman, Nelson D-45
Freeman, Rachel D-45
Freeman, Thomas D-45
Freking, Adeline M. and Robert H. K-6
Freking, Lydia E. and Henry W. K-6
Fretz, Dorothy C.
Frey, Daryl D. and Blanche V.
Freye Family
Freye, Anna
Freye, Elmer J.
Freye, George C. Sect B
Freye, Henry F.
Freye, Judith E.
Freye, Louise C.
Freye, Lydia H. Sect B
Freye, Verdelle A. and James E.
Frieders, Eugene M. and Adele R. Sect 26
Froelich Family  2-12
Froelich, Anna S.  2-12
Froelich, George H.  2-12
Froelich, George H.F.  2-12
Froelich, William and Eunice  7-22
Frostholm Family  1-1
Frostholm, Heather Lee
Frye Family  8-7
Frye Family
Frye, Benjamin  8-7
Frye, Ellery  8-7
Frye, Emilie  8-7
Frye, Gerhard B-37
Frye, Gerhard
Frye, John  8-7
Frye, John C. and Bertha M.  3-6
Frye, John Ulrich
Frye, Katherine
Frye, Kenneth C. and Dorothy E.
Frye, Ray L. and L. Agnes  3-6
Futterer, George A. and Elizabeth D. Sect 20
Futterer, George A. and Elizabeth D. Sect 20
Gabrielson, Cyrus and Milda  7-16
Gadzinski, Erwin Joseph
Gahlbeck Family P-17
Gahlbeck, Harry W., Elmer L., Hattie, Fred C. P-17
Galamore, Austin H.  17-7
Gallagher, Monica H. and Thomas A.  15-1
Gallen, Helen and Leonard
Galloway Family   Sec 27
Galloway, Edward Lawrence  Sec 27
Galloway, Isabel Lindsay  Sec 27
Galloway, Lawrence Henry  Sec 27
Galloway, Victoria Hull and Edward William  Sec 27
Gallrein, Emil F. L-5
Gapp, Janice Lynn Sect BS
Garbisch, Adela and Merrill A.  27-1
Garbisch, Annie  7-25
Garbisch, Herbert H.  7-25
Garbisch, Herman  7-25
Garbisch, Martha H. 14-4
Gardner, Anthony J. and Elizabeth C.  3-10
Gardner, Florence Nightingale B-18
Gardner, George C. and Julia E. F-51
Gardner, J. and William B-24
Gardner, Marilyn J.  3-10
Gardner, Pearl E. and John L.
Garman, Donna Lee and Michael F. 26-76
Gartin, Jerry M.
Gartzke, Gerald W. 26-66
Gartzke, Robert William 26-66
Gaulke, Benjamin P., Dolores and Jeffrey Scott  19-35
Gaunt, Beatrice Ann and George Arthur 26-59
Geddis, Clifford
Geddis, Hazel N.
Geddis, Ihla Rae Sect 20
Geddis, Ihla Rae Sect 20
Geddis, Tillie B. and William J.  18-20
Geffe, Alice I. and Henry E.  11-9
Geffe, Gordon I.  11-9
Genereaux, Augustus A. L-1
Genereaux, Catherine L-1
Genereaux, Emma L-1
Genova, Linda S.
George, Margaret C.  26-75
George, William J. 26-75
Gerber, Gustine and Karoline M-5
Gerhardt, Edith and Michael
Gerontakis, Nikolaos G.
Gerstner, Samuel Bryant Brancamp
Gesswein, Hermina Sect 20
Gesswein, Hermina Sect 20
Gianakakis, Peter T. and Evelyn
Gibb, William R.  3-19
Gibbs, Floyd A. and Helen H.  14-28
Gibney Family B-26
Gibney, Cornelius B-26
Gibney, Cornelius and Mary B-26
Gibney, Mary B-26
Gibson, John A., Jeffrey C., and Fanchon M.
Gibson, Terry Rae  6-1
Gieffers, H. Warren
Gieffers, Harry O. and Josephine A.  15-23
Gielaski, Billy and TJ
Gieske Family F-42
Gieske Family
Gieske, Bernadina
Gieske, Edwin L. F-42
Gieske, Elden George and Adelheid Steiner F-43
Gieske, Henry
Gieske, Henry and Mary
Gieske, Herman F. and Ida M.  9-20
Gieske, Infant Son
Gieske, Infant Son
Gieske, Infant Son
Gieske, Infant Son's
Gieske, Irvin B. F-42
Gieske, J. Frank
Gieske, J. Samuel
Gieske, J.F. Family
Gieske, Lesetta F-42
Gieske, Luella M. and Albert G.
Gieske, Mary
Gieske, Mary C.
Gieske, Raymond F.
Gieske, Velma
Gieske, William F-42
Gill  29-1
Gill, Edwin Harshbarger & Lorraine Margaret Lenhart  29-1
Gillespie, Linda Bailey
Gillette, Margaret Sect D
Gillette, Mary E. and Henry R.  17-5
Gilman, Douglas and Joan C.  18-33
Gilmore, Lauren Renee Sect BS
Given, Roland H., Martha Hales and Elizabeth
Glaser, James S. 26-46
Gleason, Albert F-58
Gleason, Albert F-58
Glenn, William  15-25
Glennon, Elsie B. P-8
Glennon, William D. P-8
Glover, Frances L. and Gerald C.  28-4
Glover, Gerald C.  28-4
Goldman, Jerome J. and Shirley L.
Goldman, Lucille L. and Jacob
Goldman, Josephine L.
Gonzalez, Allan M.  24-1
Gonzalez, Mollie Z.  24-1
Goodell, H. Cora and Gilmon T. B-25
Goodell, Sarah S. and Gilmon B-25
Goodnough, Betty L. and Lawrence B.
Gorder, Minnie M. L-14
Gordon, Karl W.  11-3
Gordon, Marie A.  11-3
Gordon, Ruth A. and Clifford E.  11-3
Gorman, George C. and Annitah M.  18-13
Gorman, Sarah Sink and Philip James  18-13
Gorski, Gregory C.
Gorski, Gregory C.
Goski, James P.
Goth, Anna and Joseph
Gottschalk, Helen B-47
Gottschalk, Henry F. B-47
Gough, Phyllis Bjornberg
Gould, James B.  8-38
Gould, Robert Stone  8-38
Gould, Robert Stone, Jr.  8-38
Goyak, Garry S. and Helen A.
Grabenkort Family  A-32
Grabenkort, Bonnie and Willard R.  14-33
Grabenkort, Evelyn A.  A-32
Grabenkort, Fredrick H. and Emma A.  A-32
Grabenkort, Friedrich  A-32
Grabenkort, Friedrich and Minnie  A-32
Grabenkort, Ione L.  A-32
Grabenkort, Minnie  A-32
Graber, George  16-24
Grace, Ethel Wray  27-10
Grace, Virginia Heather  27-10
Graham, Bonnie Lou  10-15
Graham, Harry T. and Ida M.  9-23
Graham, Lloyd A. and Elaine M.  10-15
Graham, Matilda L. Sect F
Graham, Steven E.
Grandy, Adam M. Rubak Sect 20
Granquist, L. Albert and Florence A.
Grant, Lydia C. 26-59
Grant, Walter O. 26-59
Grashorn, Lester A. 20-19
Grashorn, Lester A. 20-19
Grasso, Edna M.  27-29
Grasso, Frank T.  27-29
Gray, Artie May M-6
Gray, Sidney R. S. and Alma Mecklenburg  13-21
Gray, Thomas and Catharine M-6
Grebe Family  A-31
Grebe, Alma C.  A-31
Grebe, Charles R.  A-31
Grebe, Elizabeth  A-31
Grebe, Eugene A. and Eleanor M.  A-31
Grebe, H.D.A.  A-31
Grebe, Kenneth L. and Ruth S.  A-31
Grebe, Mabel D.  A-31
Greco, Joseph J.
Green, Ellen D.
Green, Gerald B.
Greene, Deborah  15-1
Greene, Mona E., Richard A., and A. Carson  16-3
Grever, Alvin F.  10-27
Grever, Eleanor C.  10-27
Grever, Gloria M.  18-6
Grever, Herman and Emma  10-27
Grever, Marie C.  10-27
Grever, Virgean and Ralph  10-30
Grieger, Carol and Cary Sect BS
Griffin, Naomi
Grigsby, Jessie S.  22-11
Grimm, Fred  8-6
Grimm, Mary  8-6
Grimm, Michael R., Jr.
Grinstead, Ann Phipps 20-31
Grinstead, Ann Phipps 20-31
Grinstead, Milton Wayde 20-31
Grinstead, Milton Wayde 20-31
Groesch, John W., Joyce S. and Mary E.
Groff, Edward C. and Laura R. D-35
Groff, John and Minnie D-35
Groff, Martha D-35
Groh, Reinhold and Lucille
Gronau, Hans H.  29-16
Gross, Edwin and Pearl G-17
Gross, Helen E. G-17
Gross, Ruth E.  7-35
Gruber, Mary E. and Walter H.  16-23
Gruebnau, Louise L. and Rudolph B.
Grunau, Anna Marie  15-18
Grunau, Ottilie T.  15-18
Grunau, William A.  15-18
Grunau,  Willaim A. (1953)  15-18
Grung, Lenora May  15-17
Grutter, Clara and Karl F.
Guild, William H. Q-13
Gullbrants, Rose Frances and Donald Ivar
Gundersen, Elise and Alfred J.  6-4
Gunther, Fred G-38
Gustafson, Norman C.
Guttler, Marilyn L. E-51
Gutzler, Abbie F. Sect F