610 Dundee Avenue, between Hillside and Coolidge Avenues, Barrington. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. It is open for burials. The Barrington Area Library has a grave map with names of those who purchased the lots. Section numbers are approximate and are based on the original plot owners listed on the map.


Transcription, Library Staff and Volunteers

Naeher, Carl F.  14-4
Naeher, Gertrude L.  14-4
Naeher, Mary  14-4
Naeher, Samuel G.  14-4
Naggatz, Walter, Marie, Erwin, Charles G-25
Naggatz, John and Caroline G-25
Naggatz, Max A. and Marie G-25
Nance, Dayton B. and Alice S.
Naylor Family  27-25
Naylor, Esther Severance  27-25
Naylor, Ralph Edmond  27-25
Needham, Richard Henshaw and Gretchen Fentress  24-12
Neely, Anna and James J.  14-6
Nelson, E.H. and Nancy B-7
Nelson, E.H. and Nancy B-7
Nelson, Eleanor L. and Arthur A.
Nelson, Erastus E. B-7
Nelson, Erastus E. and Josephine E. B-7
Nelson, Glenn
Nelson, Ida L and Arthur W.  18-10
Nelson, J.F. B-7
Nelson, Jerry B-7
Nelson, Leslie A.  18-1
Nenoff, Norman Raymond
Netterstrom, Andrew Scott
Netzeband, Louise R.
Netzel, James E. and Evelyn  14-35
Neuman, Luella J. and James E.
Neumann, Anna Nash and Frederick  18-16
Neumann, Benjamin G.  18-16
Neumann, Frederick G., Jr.  18-16
Neumann, Kenneth L.
Neumann, Warren F.
Nevers, Lee Philip
Newton, Gordon and Jean Newton Box
Newton, Leon E. and Viola E. Lines
Nichols, Florence Carr 26-76
Nichols, Florence Carr 26-76
Nichols, P.O. 26-76
Nichols, P.O.
Nickelson, Ruth M. E-51
Nicolai, E. Earl  3-8
Nicolai, Edwin H.  3-8 
Nicolai, Mary F.  3-8
Niemeier, Leslie B. and Edna P.  1-10
Niemeier, Minnie and Bernard E-20
Nightingale, Albert  13-27
Nightingale, Alma  17-2
Nightingale, Bertha E. B-18
Nightingale, Florence  13-27
Nightingale, Harry,  13-27
Nightingale, J.E. and Laura Brown Sec O
Nightingale, Jack W. and Joan G. Sec I
Nightingale, Lee  13-27
Nightingale, Mamie  13-27
Nightingale, Maria  13-27
Nightingale, Mary E. and George W.  13-30
Nightingale, Raymond  13-27
Nightingale, Robert and Hannah B-18
Nightingale, William  17-2
Nightingale, William  13-27
Nimeth, Hazel M.  25-1
Noble, Newton Smith III  
Noble, Newton Smith, Jr. and Jane Valentine 
Noble, Sherman III 
Noerenberg, Harold G.  16-30
Noerenberg, Mildred C.  16-30
Noftz, Emil W. and Julia C. 20-32
Noftz, Emil W. and Julia C. 20-32
Nordlof, Kenneth and Phyllis
Nordman, Anna D.  7-13
Nordmeier, Frederick and William
Nordmeier, Henry and Sophia
Nordmeyer, Irving and Anna  10-30
Nordmeyer, William
Norris, Glen H. and Henrietta K. Sec C
Norton, Georgia Lea 26-19
Norton, John Franklin, Jr. 26-19
Novak, James T.  18-35
Novak, Otilie  18-35
Novak, Raymond C.  18-38
Novy, Emil and Lucille W.  14-14
Nowoselsky, Alex and Marya L-3
Noyes, Harriet A.
Noyes, Moody W.
Nuernberger, Estelle P.  17-11
Nuernberger, Orlin H.  17-11
Nugent, Ann C. and Raymond H.  14-38
Nute, Roy E.  2-6
Nylen, Merle L. & Albertice C.
Nyquist, A. Paul 26-53
Nyquist, Mabel Irene and Amanda 26-53
Oatis, Sarah Sec F
Oberg, Alice Ann  7-22
Obermann, Nathalie and Volkmar
Oberst, Elmer B. and Gladys I. L-10
O'Connell, Austin James Sec BS
Odegard, Ralph Bud
Odegard, Ralph Maurice and Marjory McDonald
Odigie, Jennifer Izuhunwa
Ohanesian, Ann  27-24
Ohlrogge Family  18-4
Ohlrogge, Helen and Arthur  18-4
Ohlrogge, Martha and Herman  18-4
O'Keefe, Pearl F.
Olcott, Edwin W.  14-5
Olcott, Lillian E.  14-5
Oldaker, Daryl B.  29-62
O'Leary, Elizabeth D. and Richard T.  29-24
Olesen, Holger C. and Clara B.  1-9
Oller, Tamara K.
Olmstead, Edna K.  19-36
Olmstead, Ward L.  19-36
Olsen, Alma E.
Olsen, Clara E.
Olsen, Mae A.
Olsen, Neil D.
Olsen, Nellie B. and Ole P.
Olson, Carl G. IV
Olson, Carl G. IV, Louise G., Carl G. V and Saundra
Olson, Carl G. V
Olson, Louise G.
O'Neil, Ryan P.
Orlikowsky, Anna and William T.  17-6
Ortman, Evelyn and Russell
Osborn, Carl F. and Hazel E. L-(20)
Otis Family  9-28
Otis Familyn  9-29
Otis Family
Otis Family
Otis, Charles B.  9-29
Otis, Charles B.  9-29
Otis, Charles H. and Edith M. 26-27
Otis, G.C.  9-28
Otis, George M. and Othelia F. 26-27
Otis, Julia M.  (1931)  4-3
Otis, Julia M.  (1999)  4-3
Otis, R.T.  9-28
Otis, Sarah Ann  9-29
Otis, Spencer  4-3
Otis, W.H.  9-28
Otto, F. Robert and Matilda K. Sec D
Otto, Harriet L. and Fred W.
Otto, Ida May C. and Richard L.
Ottoson, Delbert J. and Myrtle E. Webster 20-23
Ottoson, Delbert J. and Myrtle E. Webster 20-23
Ottoson, Robert R., Blanche F. and Roy E.  8-11
Overly, Ira F.  8-39
Owens, Nona A.  27-11
Page - Kephart Family
Page, Clarence F. and Emma L.  13-12
Page, George W.  13-12
Page, John  13-12
Page, Laura A.  13-12
Page, Lilly M. and Millie B. Page [Meyers]  13-12
Page, Sarah  13-12
Pahlke, Arthur  2-12
Pahlke, Alfred C.  13-9
Pahlke, Caroline and Alvin F.  13-9
Pahlke, Florence and William E.
Pahlke, Gustav and Johanna  2-12
Pahlke, Irma A.
Paint, Betty and John  14-21
Palm, Ehrenfrid A. and Anna  7-35
Palmer, John B.  1-8
Palmer, Jeanne Hendrick  1-8
Palovick, Drew Austin Sec BS
Pals Family 20-33
Pals Family 20-33
Pals, Karl Herman 20-33
Pals, Karla Paula 20-33
Palumbo, John F. and Esther A.
Panagakis, Bonnie
Papas, Helen 
Pappas, Stephen  29-38
Park, David D.
Parke, Muriel J., Alice A., Edwin J. 26-53
Parker, Addie Davis D-20
Parker, Arthur B.
Parkitny, Mark Joseph
Parman, William C.
Parquette, Kenneth R.  27-11
Parsons, Joy G.  16-3
Passau, Dora Ellen  27-3
Passau, Manfred L.  27-3
Patterson, Emery J. and Edith M.
Patterson, Emery J., Edith M., Michael Howe, Sabra Louisa, Black, Gaylord J. and Kathern M.
Patterson, James C.  9-26
Pattishall, Margaret W. and L. Jackson  27-11
Pauck, Agnes M.  24-1
Pauck, Steve  24-1
Paulson, Alfred R. and Vera M. L-13
Paulson, Jerry
Paulson, Quentin R. and Ruth E.
Paxton, Cecil E.  4-21
Payton, Arthur L.  19-6
Payton, Jennie  19-6
Payton, Jennie and Arthur L.  19-6
Peache, Joseph F. and Helen W.  1-13
Peacock, Jasper
Peacock, Lillian
Peak, Emma Boxberger, Ira Martell and Edward Martell  6-14
Peake, Nancy 20-24
Peake, Nancy 20-24
Pearson, John R.
Pearson, Kevin R. and Karen K.
Pecak, Catherine and Matthew  18-27
Pecak, Florence M. and Joseph  18-27
Peck, Elizabeth  13-26
Peck, Sandord  13-26
Peckham, Harry Norman
Peckham, Richard P., Diana J., Harry N. and Jean P.
Peden, Archibald  14-17
Peden, Carlton  14-17
Peden, Eva B.  14-17
Pedersen, Ida and Franzen, Louise P.  18-28
Pedersen, Laura and Andrew  18-28
Pederson, Frank O. and Eleanor E. 26-62
Penney, Clara H.  10-3
Penney, Margaret Lynn  10-3
Penney, Marybelle Lynn  10-3
Penney, Norton Lynn  10-3
Pepper, August H. Sr. and Caroline S.  13-31
Pepper, Dennis L.  13-31
Pepper, Helen M.  13-31
Pepper, Henry H.  11-10
Pepper, Mabel E.  13-31
Pepper, Stanley H.  13-31
Perlman, Dennis  29-63
Perry, Frances S. and James W.  24-5
Perry, Sarah Maud 20-31
Perry, Sarah Maud 20-31
Person, Jean I.  22-2
Persson, Nels Leonard  21-6
Pertl, Whitney Alexander, Jr.  24-4
Peters Family B-30
Peters Family  13-14
Peters, Charles L. and Friederieka B-30
Peters, Donald F. 26-59
Peters, Edward  13-14
Peters, Edwin F.  13-14
Peters, Edwin W.  13-14
Peters, Evelyn A.  4-22
Peters, Johanna Rohlmeier  13-14
Peters, Kathryn Reynoldson  13-14
Peters, Mabel Comstock  4-22
Peters, Robert J.  13-14
Peters, Samuel E.  4-22
Peters, Sophia Leseberg  13-14
Peters, Wilhelmina  4-22
Peters, William  4-22
Peters, William R.  4-22
Petersen, Dale Aaron and Dolores J.
Petersen, Hazel M. and Owen H.  11-12
Petersen, John L. and Betty D.
Peterson, Balfe Potter Smith
Peterson, Cammie Lois Aldridge and Peter Gilbert
Peterson, Eldon F. and Viva G-36
Peterson, Ida L.
Peterson, Lou and Rodd
Peterson, Melvin P. and Esther E.  14-28
Peterson, Robert A.
Petrosky, Frank and Viola A. 20-30
Petrosky, Frank and Viola A. 20-30
Petrucci, Fred A. and Theresa M.
Petrucci, Jacqueline S.
Petterson Family
Petterson, Charles O.
Petterson, Emma M.
Petterson, Herman and Hilda K.
Petterson, Louella G.
Petterson, Marion H.
Petterson, Roy W.
Petterson, Warren C.
Pettigrew, Kristin Marie Sec BS
Petty, Elmer R.
Pfeifer, David, Jr. and Virginia Mae  29-57
Pfeifer, Gary A.  29-58
Philbin, Mary J.  A-11
Phillips, Kathleen Mae and Wray L.  22-9
Phillips, William H. and Betty S.  11-22
Pickerill, Martha Jane and Jesse Moveta  19-8
Pieper, Harold A. and Barbara L. 26-26
Pierce, D.A.  22-11
Pietsch, Dorothy V. and Edwin E.
Piffner, Ruth A. L-8
Pignone, Caterina
Pill, Marquita B.
Pillman, Martha Laurine Larson and Harry Alexander  25-1
Pitcher, Carroll and Edith  1-16
Plage, Newton O.
Plagemann, Ed H. and Connee M.
Plagge Family Sec D
Plagge Family
Plagge, Anna M. and Walter B.  7-13
Plagge, Dorothy W., James C., and Margaret W.
Plagge, Frank H. and Louisa Nordmeier  13-6
Plagge, Gertrude C., Rose K. and Clarence F.  13-2
Plagge, Henry
Plagge, Henry and Minna  8-36
Plagge, Jenella M. Sec D
Plagge, John c. C-2
Plagge, Lois Mae  13-6
Plagge, Minna
Plagge, Newton O. Sec D
Plagge, Pearl and Edwin W.  14-33
Plagge, Sophia M. C-2
Plagge, Willis Charles C-2
Plotzke, Celeste C. and Walter E.
Poduch, Robert
Pohlman, Norris "Nort", Lois Ann, Cheryl Knollwelt Sec 26
Pohlman, Elwood F. 26-43
Pohlman, Herbert H. 26-55
Pohlman, Louis and Bertha
Pohlman, William and Caroline 26-54
Pohlmann, Wilbert H.
Poljak, Zdenka and John
Pomerich, Trevor Harris
Pompelio, Frank P-18
Pompilio, Elizabeth P-18
Pontikes  29-27
Pontikes  29-28
Pontikes, Brooke Nichole
Pontikes, Kenneth N.
Popp, Bertha and Albert  16-6
Popp, Elsie and Fred  17-21
Popp, Emily C.  7-30
Popp, Florence A. 20-10
Popp, Florence A. 20-10
Popp, Fredrich  7-31
Popp, Harold  17-21
Popp, Ida Toppel G-39
Popp, Jacob and Caroline  7-31
Popp, John F., Jr. 20-10
Popp, John F., Jr. 20-10
Popp, John F., Sr. 20-10
Popp, John F., Sr. 20-10
Popp, Lorraine  7-30
Popp, Louis J.  7-30
Popp, Paul J. and Pearl A. 20-28
Popp, Paul J. and Pearl A. 20-28
Porter, Elliott and Miranda O-1
Porter, Hazel K. and Howard E. O-1
Porter, Lorenzo and Hattie O-1
Post, Carl M. and Dorothy W.  18-23 
Post, Terry Lee  18-23
Postle, Merton French 26-34
Potter, Bernard V.
Potter, Voluntine T. and Evelyn F.
Powell, Maria V. and Chester F.
Powell, Velma M.
Powers, Charles L. and Patricia M.  3-4
Powers, Edward and Catherine Sec B
Powers, Georgia Sayler and Earl Warren
Powers, Hannah M. Kingsley
Powers, Howard H.
Powers, Jennie B.
Powers, Leroy
Powers, Leroy F-50
Powers, Leroy and Hannah M. Kingsley F-50
Powers, Lyman A.
Powers, Warren Earl  3-4
Pranger, Walter A.
Prate, Joann M. and Clifford W.  13-20
Prentice, John K. and Jennie S.  15-25
Presba, Anna C. and Bert S.  14-40
Price, Donald D. B-5
Pride, James Dickerson, Jeffrey Bishop, and Ann Bishop
Priller, Edward H. and Mary E.  7-32
Prindiville, Zoe Morris Sec D
Prislinger, Michele
Pritchard, Mary and Cornelius D.
Pritchard, William and Elizabeth  A-39
Pritz, Charlotte  16-1
Pritz, Ernest A.  16-1
Prouty, Catharine  12-7
Prouty, Marion L. and Elijah D.  12-7
Prow, William J. Sec 20
Prow, William J.
Prusia, George O.  7-5
Prusia, Lillian D-2
Puckhaber, Henry G. and Carla R.
Purcell Family
Purcell, Cora
Purcell, Paul R.
Purcell, Robert  12-9
Purinton, Melvin E.
Pustlauk, Frances A.  16-23
Quinn, Michael J.  29-68
Radke, Augusta and Gustav  8-33
Radke, Otto  8-33
Radke, Otto E.  8-33
Radke, Robert  8-33
Radomski, Christine T. and Edward S.
Rahmel, Betsy 4-14
Rahmel, Charles  4-14
Rahmel, Orlinda 4-14
Rahmel, Rick  4-14
Raiche, Dolores R.
Rajewska, Anna
Ramsdell, Minnie and Harry M. G-16
Randall, Morilla P. and Stephen A. G-32
Range, Otto and Emma and Marian M. Kennedy P-18
Rasmussen, Blanche P.  24-1
Rasmussen, Donald C.
Rasmussen, John H.  28-6
Rateike, Scott P.  15-22
Raupp, Mabel L. 20-23
Raupp, Mabel L. 20-23
Rawson, W. Leigh and Punky  29-47
Read Family  15-2
Read, Edith May  15-2
Read, Edwin Lewis  15-2
Read, Edwin L. Jr.  15-2
Read, Virginia  15-2
Ream, Judith A. Sec 26
Reber, Mildred M., Donna Moore and Fred H.  27-36
Reckinger, George R. L-4
Reckinger, Laura P. L-4
Record, Fred A. and Lillian M.  10-12
Record, Willard N.  4-19
Reese, Dennis Allyn  15-19
Reese, Elizabeth  13-15
Reese, Herman W.  13-15
Reese, Marie K. and Harold F.  15-19
Reese, Mary  13-15
Reese, Robyn L.  15-19
Reese, Rosella F. and Donald F.  13-15
Reese, William Elmer and Anne Kittel  13-15
Rehfeldt, Edward O. and Evaline B.  8-22
Rehfeldt, Gustav  8-22
Rehfeldt, Ida  8-22
Reichel, Charlotte Strobach  8-18
Reichmann, William Dent
Reicks, Phyllis I.
Reicks, Raymond A.
Reilly, Beverly E. 26-75
Reilly, John W. P-15
Reimer, Lydia Erna 26-73
Reimer, Lydia Erna 26-73
Reinhardt, S.L.
Reinhardt, Virginia Cardwell
Reisenbuchler, Stephen R., Violet V., William L. and Stephanie R.
Reith, Lydia Martha  11-12
Remensnyder, Mildred A.  29-53
Remensnyder, Ross W.  29-53
Remillard, Cheryl Suggs
Renkema, Peter and Jennie  1-4
Reno, Harry Spencer Lindley  3-9
Reno, Margaret McGrath  3-9
Rethmeier, John Sec G
Reuter Family
Reuter, Clara E.  13-5
Reuter, Dorthy E. and August G.  13-8
Reuter, Emma, Ethel G. and August H.  13-20
Reuter, Fred H.  13-5
Reuter, George C. and Marie L.  13-7
Reuter, Gladys M.  13-7
Reuter, Katharine D.  13-5
Reuter, Leslier C.  13-7
Reyer, Otis H. and Margaret B. 26-46
Reynolds, Harriet K.  18-8
Reynolds, James Mitchel Sec B
Reynoldson, Amelia, Thomas H. and Lillie  13-4
Reynoldson, Catherine H.
Reynoldson, Catherine H. and Robert and Grace A. Blue
Reynoldson, George
Reynoldson, Robert
Reynoldson, Robert
Rice, Bessie G.  16-22
Rice, Bessie G. and Robert C. 16-22
Rice, Chester E. and Rachel B.  16-22
Rice, Ernest W., Alvina G. and Robert C. 16-22
Rice, Harold B., Jr.
Rice, Robert C. 16-22)
Rice, Verdelle H. and C. Howard  16-22
Rich, Judith and Ernest
Richards, Walter William; Grigsby, Bertram James and Elsie Whiting  29-44
Richardson Family D-4
Richardson, D.H. D-4
Richardson, David R. and Rhoda Ann D-4
Richardson, E.M. D-4
Richardson, Ella S. D-4
Richardson, Ella S. D-4
Richardson, Irene M. 26-61
Richardson, Roy V. 26-61
Richardson, Thomas
Richter, Alice D. and Benjamin  7-12
Richter, Grace E. and Vernon A.  7-12
Richter, Margaret H.  1-7
Richter, Timothy Joel  1-7
Rickel, Fred G., Sr.  29-66
Riedel, Bertha Mina and Ernst Robert  6-10
Riedel, Robert L.  6-10
Rieke, Addie Homuth  17-20
Rieke, Alice and Leslie  14-12
Rieke, Christina
Rieke, Duane  4-12
Rieke, Earnest  9-27
Rieke, Ernest and Adella M.  14-12
Rieke, Earnest and Sophia  9-27
Rieke, Earnest and Sophia  9-27
Rieke, Edith
Rieke, Edward
Rieke, Ernest and Adella M.
Rieke, Ervin and Ruth 26-65
Rieke, Foster F.
Rieke, Fred C. and Bessa A.  13-30
Rieke, Fred L. and Edith Hager
Rieke, Frieda and Will  9-4
Rieke, Henry F. and Evelyn G. 26-64
Rieke, Herman Q-8
Rieke, Herman and Christina Q-8
Rieke, Herman Family
Rieke, Jack Louis and Jacquelyn Prickett
Rieke, Jennie Homuth
Rieke, Jessie C. Q-8
Rieke, John H.
Rieke, Kristi Lynn 26-64
Rieke, Lola E.
Rieke, Luella  4-21
Rieke, Minnie Kirchman
Rieke, Neva Jean
Rieke, Otto T. Q-8
Rieke, Reuben H. and Ruth W.  3-10
Rieke, Robert E.
Rieke, Sadie
Rieke, Sandfort Earnest
Rieke, Sophia
Rieke, Spencer
Rieke, Victor Daniel  17-25
Riemer, Robert J., Bruce E. and Dorothee M.
Riffner, Richard J.
Riis, Betty  6-4
Riley Family  2-15
Riley, Edward W.  2-15
Riley, Ellen U.  2-15
Riley, Julia J.  2-15
Riley, L. Leo  2-15
Riley, Lawrence E.  2-15
Riley, Mattie A.  2-15
Rische, Taylor G. Sec BS
Rissky Family  20-36
Rissky, Joseph, Josephine, George and Helen 20-36
Rissky, Joseph, Josephine, George and Helen 20-36
Roach, William R.
Robert, Pamela Lenzi
Roberts Family
Roberts, Annie T.
Roberts, Annie T.
Roberts, Bernard
Roberts, Dorothy A. and Joseph J.  14-14
Roberts, Henry Thomas  15-24
Roberts, Peter W.
Roberts, Peter W. and Annie T.
Roberts, Thomas F.
Roberts, Thomas F. br /> Robertson Family
Robertson Family
Robertson, Alida R. I-3
Robertson, Frank
Robertson, Gladys M. and Joseph D. I-3
Robertson, John
Robertson, John Otis
Robertson, Joseph D. I-3
Robertson, Julia E.
Robertson, June E.
Robertson, Lucile Gladys
Robertson, Nellie Lines
Robertson, Silas I-3
Robinson, Carolyn M. and Samuel G.
Robinson, Florence Eilers P-3
Robinson, Lester P-3
Robinson, Maxine C.  15-17
Robinson, Ruth and Joseph P-8
Robinson, Thomas H. and Gertrude 26-52
Robinson, Virgil and Elaner  8-12
Rockenbach, May  10-16
Rockenbach, Orman I.  10-16
Rockensock, William E. and Martha S.  8-5
Roehrborn, Rachel Claire
Roesslein, Martin E.  2-5
Roesslein, Ralph  14-23
Rogers, Katey Nicole  10-2
Rogers, Pauline and Amos S.  9-3
Rogers, William E. F-27
Rogers, William E. and Elizabeth F-27
Rogman, Fred E., Irene L., Henry B. L-5
Rogowskey, Esther K. and William J.  27-15
Rohlmeier, Henry, Marie and August
Rollinson, Bonnie L.  13-8
Roloff Fred E. and Ruth E.L. Q-5
Roloff, Elsie May Q-5
Roloff, Frederick O. and Dorothea S. Q-5
Roloff, Frederick O. and Dorothea S. Q-5
Roloff, Hattie E. and Frederick W. Q-5
Roloff, Henry J. Q-5
Roloff, Louisa D. Q-5
Roloff, Lydia S. Q-5
Ronald, Edith and Andrew 26-29
Roney, Allie Adel Steers James Robert, and Edward Milton III
Roney, Allie Adel Steers, James Robert and Edward Milton III
Roos, Joseph H.
Rosacrans, Henry and Emma L-(7)
Rose, Adalyn C.  22-3
Rose, Barbara B.  22-3
Rose, William A.  22-3
Rosinski, Marie
Ross, Floyd J. and Ruth M. Sec D
Ross, John J.
Rossi, Verbal Grace
Roth, Josephine M. and Harold J.  22-7
Roush, Joseph A. and Marie J.  3-21
Rowland, Roc H. L-15
Rowland, Roscoe H. L-15
Rowland, Sarah E. and Joseph E.  7-40
Roxworthy, Thomas and Georgine  1-9
Roxworthy, Thomas J.
Rubak, Adam M.
Rubeck, Barbara L.  14-26
Rubeck, Kenneth R.  14-26
Rubeck, Mabel L.  14-26
Rudny, Barbara B.
Ruffing, Charles J.O. and Emma 20-19
Ruffing, Charles J.O. and Emma 20-19
Ruoss, Leon and Lena A. 26-55
Rutledge Family  19-19
Rutledge, Esthere  19-19
Rutledge, George E.  19-19
Rutledge, Mary Ann  19-20
Rutledge, William  19-20
Rutt, Virginia and William
Ruud, Herbert C.  18-39
Ryner, Cecil T. and Vera M. 26-30