610 Dundee Avenue, between Hillside and Coolidge Avenues, Barrington. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. It is open for burials. The Barrington Area Library has a grave map with names of those who purchased the lots. Section numbers are approximate and are based on the original plot owners listed on the map.


Transcription, Library Staff and Volunteers

Saaby, Edna C. and Walter N.
Sadilek, Jan. A. and Marie  G-12
Sadowski, Joseph and Esther Sec 26
Sadowski, Joseph and Esther Sec 26
Saengmany, Bounseng
Salerno, Sam T.
Salnick, Alison B. and Benjamin F.  27-12
Salnick, Janet and Walter L.
Salnick, Walter L.
Sampson, Albert H. and Christine R. 26-30
Sandberg, Deborah M.
Sandberg, Howard W.
Sandell, Patrick and Theresa
Sander, Charles G., Jr. and Ruby L.
Sanders, Darrell R.  18-8
Sanders, Hazel  18-8
Sandman Family
Sandman, Bertha M.
Sandman, Frederick H.
Sandman, Frederick J.
Sandman, Herman W.
Sandquist, Robert J. 20-24
Sandquist, Robert J. 20-24
Saporito, Eleanor Sec 26
Sass, Arnold H.  4-13
Sass, Darlene F.  4-13
Sass, Darlene, Henry G. II, Marie and Henry G.  4-13
Sass, Henry C.  4-13
Sass, Henry G.  4-13
Sass, Henry G., Jr.  4-13
Sass, Henry G., Jr.  4-13
Sass, Johan and Dorothea Sec D
Sass, Lena M.  4-13
Sass, Marie L.  4-13
Sass, Nathalia  4-13
Savage Family
Sawicki, Eleanor M.  17-2
Sawicki, George V.  17-2
Sayler, Charles L.  3-13
Sayler. Jennie M.  3-13
Scalero, Rocco and Dorothy R.
Scanlan, Mary I. and John J. 26-56
Schaefer Family
Schaefer, Adelaide  13-22
Schaefer, Anna  13-22
Schaefer, Dean W.  13-22
Schaefer, Deborah L.
Schaefer, Edwin F., Rev. and Myrtle L. E-79
Schaefer, Ella Q-16
Schaefer, Frank W.  13-22
Schaefer, Fred H.  13-22
Schaefer, Henry A. and Lydia P. E-76
Schaefer, Homer B. and Esther H. E-80
Schaefer, Homer B. and Lois H.  2-18
Schaefer, Irma E. and Earl H.  13-19
Schaefer, John, Luella, and Lillie  13-19
Schaefer, Laura Q-16
Schaefer, Lillian E.  14-2
Schaefer, Louise and Henry Q-16
Schaefer, Malinda M. Q-16
Schaefer, Martha and Charles E-76
Schaefer, Mary Q-16
Schaefer, Nancy J.
Schaefer, Nellie and J. Wesley  13-19
Schaefer, Nelta H.  and Lillian L.  13-19
Schaefer, Rena Louise E-79
Schaefer, Samuel E. and Dorothy E. E-75
Schaefer, Willis H. E-76
Schaen, Riff
Schafer, Emma E. Sec B
Schaffeld, Anne K.
Schauble, Arnold D-12
Schauble, Arnold F. and Elma Elizabeth
Schauble, Fred A. And Neva E. 26-71
Schcroeder, Anna and John
Scherer, Alvina and Henry  18-5
Scherer, Elsie and William  18-5
Scherer, Kristine  18-5
Scherf, August L. and Mae L. F-54
Scherf, Esther and Kenneth R. F-56
Scherf, Willard L. F-54
Scherf, Wiona M. F-54
Schiewe, Alice J. and Edward A.  27-28
Schiewe, Helen K. and Edward A.  27-28
Schiller, John
Schilling, Emil F. and Mathilde  11-22
Schillo, Stella J. and Albert G.
Schlueter Family
Schlueter, Betty R. and Harold W.  10-4
Schlueter, Helen B. and William E.  10-4
Schmall, Frances J. Snodgrass
Schmalz, Arthur James  29-79
Schmeisser, Herbert, Sr. and Hildegard
Schmerler, Harry A.
Schmerler, Helen Josephine
Schmidt, Arthur and Wilhelmine
Schmidt, Betty M. and Raymond C. Bud
Schmidt, Charles W. and Lucille  15-10
Schmidt, Harold M.
Schmidt, Hazel M.
Schmidt, Helen M. and Herman E.
Schmidt, Ida M. 20-2
Schmidt, Mark K. and Lorraine A.
Schmidt, Maurice H.
Schmidt, Otto B. 20-2
Schmieder, Erich X. and Erika M.
Schmitt, John F. P-9
Schmitz, Ambrose J. and Mary Ellen
Schmoldt, Carl and Mathilda 20-22
Schmoldt, Carl and Mathilda 20-22
Schneider, Barbara J. and Richard M.
Schneider, Barbara Jean Flostrom-Smith and Frank Joseph 20-30
Schneider, Barbara Jean Flostrom-Smith and Frank Joseph 20-30
Schneider, Barbara Jean Flostrom-Smith and Frank Joseph 20-30
Schneider, Donald Wayne 20-30
Schneider, Donald Wayne 20-30
Schneider, George T. 26-52
Schneider, Warren A. 26-42
Schneider, William H., Jr. and Marthann C.
Schnetlage, Adelheit M-4
Schnetlage, Baby M-4
Schnetlage, Helen M-4
Schnetlage, Minnie M-4
Schnetlage, Minnie and William M-4
Schnetlage, Nelta M-4
Schnetlage, Stella I. M-4
Schnetlage, William M-4
Schniepp, Lester E. and Dorsie B.
Schnur, Phillippa D. and Gerry J.
Schoen, Fredericka Sodt D-18
Schoenfeld, Thomas Edward
Schoff, Katherine Stoller Sec BS
Schoppe, Mary F-39
Schreiber, Cecil E. L-5
Schreiber, Flora L-(15)
Schreiber, Lewis L.  L-5
Schrod, Adele S. and Frank J.
Schroeder, Amanda D. D-9
Schroeder, Anna and John  17-13
Schroeder, Benjamin A.  14-18
Schroeder, Donald C. and Elva Jean  13-29
Schroeder, Dorthy E.  13-29
Schroeder, Edward I. and Grace E.
Schroeder, Grace H.  14-18
Schroeder, Ida D. and Henry T.  17-27
Schroeder, Marion R.
Schroeder, Mary D. and Louis F. D-9
Schroeder, Paul W. and Elfreda N.
Schroeder, Richard Dean D-9
Schroeder, Susie D-9
Schroeder, Vernon H. and Mabel E.
Schrupp, Udo and Helma P-4
Schuchat, Eva  15-25
Schuchat, Richard Fischer  15-25
Schueler, Edward John, Jr.
Schuelter, Helen B. and William E.
Schuett, Esther A. and Waldo C.
Schuhrke, Herman H.  14-3
Schuhrke, Sadie E.  14-3
Schuler, Emma Walter and Charles Newton E-77
Schulke, Russell G.  27-9
Schulte, Joseph and Maria
Schultz, Bernice F.  9-25
Schultz, Chad Sherwood
Schultz, Ernest and Anna  9-25
Schultz, Ernest J. and Hilda  9-25
Schultz, Lucy K. and Joseph S.
Schultz, Ruth
Schultze, B.R., Rev., Nellie and Ruth Eleanor
Schultze, Laura Sec C
Schulz, Bernell F-47
Schulz, Rhoda and Albert F-47
Schulz, Rolland F-47
Schulz, Vera F-47
Schulze, Bill and Shirley  4-18
Schulze, William F. Sec C
Schumacher, Della F-44
Schumacher, Dora and Henry F-44
Schumacher, William and Ella 20-27
Schumacher, William and Ella 20-27
Schumann, George W.
Schutt Family  2-19
Schutt, Albert H., Hazel S. and Albert  2-19
Schutt, Lena C.  2-19
Schutt, Theodore H.  2-19
Schutt, Walter W., Eva C., Elzo T. and Helen R. 
Schuttler, Robert V., Sr. and Margaret M.
Schuurman, Richard B. and Ann E.
Schwank, Walter F., Sr. and Walter F., Jr. G-38
Schwank, William G-38
Schwartz, George A.
Schwartz, George A. and Cecilia H.
Schwartz, John A.
Schwartz, Martha M. and Kenneth A.
Schwartz, Susie C.
Schwarz, David E. 20-22
Schwarz, David E. 20-22
Schweitzer, Margy M.
Schwemm, Alice E. G-11
Schwemm, Anna F. G-11
Schwemm, August C. and Dora E.  14-31
Schwemm, Baby
Schwemm, Earl M. and Eunice B.  4-1
Schwemm, Ella C. and Fred H. G-33
Schwemm, Ella S. and Charles W. Sec Q
Schwemm, Emma G-11
Schwemm, Frank L. and Elizabeth L-7
Schwemm, Fred G-11
Schwemm, Gene and Barbara L. Sec L
Schwemm, Harold A.  14-31
Schwemm, Howard F. G-33
Schwemm, John Butler and Nancy Prickett  4-1
Schwemm, John L. and Gertrude M.
Schwemm, Kenneth V. and Elizabether W.  14-31
Schwemm, Mary and Herman
Schwemm, Wayne Allen L-7
Schwemm, Willard John  14-31
Scott, Ida M. and Cortlandt N.  21-5
Scott, Richard W. and Alice L.
Scott, Wayne L. 26-64
Seanor, Ivan B. and Vera C.  4-11
Sears, Myra G. and Walter N.  19-1
Seaverns Family
Seaverns, Anna
Seaverns, Elizabeth  13-29
Seaverns, Frank  12-20
Seaverns, I.W.
Seaverns, Isaac
Seaverns, Julia
Seaverns, Mabel H.  13-29
Seaverns, Walter W.  13-29
Sedlack, Jack and Lee
Sedlack, Kim
Seegers, Tommy M.  26-61
Seehausen, Margaret D.
Seehausen, Robert H.
Sehnert, Mary M. and Oscar C.  27-23
Seidel, Dorothy L.  15-10
Seidel, James J.  15-10
Seidel, Jeffrey D.  15-10
Seidler, Flora M.
Seier, Perry R.  29-51
Sekafetz, Carl J.  16-9
Sekafetz, Steven Jason  16-9
Selers, William Stanley
Semcken, John H., Jr. and Elizabeth K.
Sempf, Alvin F. and Sabina G. P-13
Sempf, August and Reka P-13
Sempf, Robert Franklin P-13
Sena, Robert L. and Nancy E.
Senn, Charles G. F-45
Senn, Charles G. and Sarah F-45
Seralnick, Mark, Ph.D.
Sersen, Joseph Sec BS
Service, Mattie  9-1
Service, Peter  9-1
Settle, Beverley Dawn  14-3
Severson, Robert L.
Sexton, Bertha, Reginald A. and Marcella  23-1
Sexton, Reginald W.  23-1
Shaefer, Theodore G. and Juanita F. 20-20
Shaefer, Theodore G. and Juanita F. 20-20
Sharman, William C., Mary Ann, Isabella, Charles O. F-5
Sharpe, Harry A. L-(22)
Shek, Thomas
Shelby, Robert Sec 20
Shelby, Robert Sec 20
Shepard, Flo F.  18-23
Shepard, Harold W.
Shepard, Harold W.
Shepherd, Waler O. and Kittie A.  15-22
Sherman, Dale P-15
Sherman, Dorthy Rose  2-10
Sherman, Peter Joseph  2-10
Shermer Family  19-26
Shermer, Alvin Carl  19-26
Shermer, Evelyn Hans  19-26
Shermer, Fred H.  19-26
Shermer, Helen  19-26
Sherwood, Kara Ann
Shiley, Edwin H., Lidia M., Charles F. Sr. P-14
Shiley, Roy H. P-14
Shipman, Edwin W. C-21
Shipman, Mary H. C-21
Shipman, Mary R. C-21
Shipman, Maud V. C-21
Shirk, Elleana Elliott
Shotkoski, David Terrence
Shotts, Allan R. and Nellie M. Bramer  7-7
Shufelt, Mary E. Jones Sec P
Shultz, Betty B.
Shultz, Mary Ann and Paul J.
Shultz, Paul Jerry
Sibley, Elinor F.  20-15
Sibley, Grant H.  20-15
Sibley, Stephanie Frances  20-15
Siddle, Edwin G-5
Siegworth, R. Wayne and Betty J.  29-54
Simmons, Ernest W.  27-7
Simmons, Mildred L.  27-7
Simon, Lawrence M.  29-40
Simonds D-38
Simonini, Joseph Michael
Simonini, L. Louise and Paul C.
Simons, Anna L. G-41
Simons, Bessie G-41
Simons, Birchel G-41
Simons, Marguerite 20-21
Simons, Marguerite 20-21
Simons, Paul B. 20-21
Simons, Paul B. 20-21
Simpson, Ruth A. and Lyman M.
Sinnett, Elmo C. and Ida C.
Sizer, Arietta D-7
Sizer, Clarence J. D-7
Sizer, James D-7
Skala, L.W.
Skarbalis, Peter A.  8-37
Skarbalis, Peter and Tillie  8-37
Skinner, Fred  17-3
Skinner, Grace F.  4-9
Skinner, Myron F.  4-9
Skinner, Rebecca J.  17-3
Sklenar, Josephine K. Sec 20
Sklenar, Josephine K. Sec 20
Skoglund, Bernard A. and Maria S.  16-28
Skoglund, Inez E.  16-28
Skoglund, Roy J.  16-28
Slaughter, Charlotte M. Sec 26
Smith, Dexter A. and Clara H. D-42
Smith, Douglas E.
Smith, Frances N. and Erman S.
Smith, Frank Cameron  3-9
Smith, Jennie L. and Fred W.  9-8
Smith, Nadine Reno  3-9
Smith, Pauline Hart and Harold Byron
Smith, Percival L. O.  16-3
Smith, Peter E-69
Smith, Roger L.  14-25
Smith, Roncey M. and Beryl M.
Smith, Rose and Deborah
Smith, Violet M.  9-8
Smith, Wayne A.
Smith, William Benton
Smyczynski, Bob M. 26-41
Sneed, Warner R. B-12
Snetsinger, Clare  19-33
Snetsinger, Clarence J. and Helen M.  19-33
Snetsinger, James and Lydia  10-18
Snetsinger, Paul John Sec BS
Snodgrass, O.L.19-33
Snyder, Ella M.  4-18
Snyder, John B.  4-18
Snyder, William H.  4-18
Soards, Mary Lu S.
Sodt Family  4-5
Sodt Family
Sodt Family
Sodt, Bernhard  12-16
Sodt, Clara C. D-18
Sodt, E. Henry D-18
Sodt, Edna H.  4-5
Sodt, Edward H.  13-8
Sodt, Faith Nora  14-14
Sodt, Florence Mae
Sodt, Hanna C. D-18
Sodt, Laura M.  13-8
Sodt, Louise Rieger
Sodt, Malinda B. and Henry O.
Sodt, Mathilda L. D-18
Sodt, Nora A.  14-14
Sodt, Otto P.  4-5
Sodt, Raymond Arthur
Sodt, Son
Sodt, William H.  14-14
Solstad, Anne M. and Lester L.
Somen, Steve and Mary
Somerville, Lawrence L. and Jane H.  18-35
Sommer, Gerhard B.
Sorensen, Elsie A. and Howard C. E-66
Spear, Elizabeth B.
Spicer, Mildred
Spicer, Willard J.
Spirito, Marian J.
Sprandel, Lynne J.
Sprenger, Helen G. and August J.
Spreyer, Wilma W. and Frank L.
Sproul, Everett and Elizabeth 20-5
Sprouse, Kenneth F.  19-7
Sprouse, Martha M. and Richard  19-7
Spunner Family D-26
Spunner, Alfreda D-26
Spunner, Eliza D-26
Spunner, George  12-10
Spunner, George and Sarah Young  12-10
Spunner, Joseph D-26
Spunner, Joseph and Eliza A. D-26
Spunner, Katherine F. Jayne F-55
Spunner, Rose D-26
Spunner, Rose Alfreda D-26
Spunner, Sarah Young D-26
Spunner, William D-26
Spunner, William and Frances Alfreda D-26
Squires, Robert Dean  29-35
Srbova-Podgorny, Jirina
Staggs, Cora Lee
Staggs, H. Ellanor Sec 26
Stahr Family
Stahr, Francis L.
Staley, Anna and Edward  27-7
Stanek, Ollie W. and Mary R.  16-26
Stark, James A. and Lois L.
Stayner, Kathrine  10-2
Stayner,Noel E.  10-2
Stebbings, Harry E. and Gertrude F. 20-24
Stebbings, Harry F. and Gertrude F. 20-24
Stebbins, Riley L. 26-51
Stebbins, Roger Allen 20-24
Stebbins, Roger Allen 20-24
Steelberg, Charles D. and Ramona J.  29-37
Steele, Gus and Dorothy  29-45
Steffensen, Kresten and Elsa Refslund
Stein, Moses 26-29
Steiner, Sophie Kayser, John Frederick and Lillian Susanna  6-12
Stejskal, Carolyn B. & Miles A.
Stemwedel, Laura E. and Robert J.  16-25
Stenersen, Stene F.  18-31
Stenersen, Violet L.  18-31
Stengel, Manfred F. and Ingrid B.
Stephens, Alexander 26-72
Stephens, William H.
Sternola, Josephine
Stevens, Desree
Stevens, Gene
Stevens, Jacob
Stevens, Reuben
Stevens, Reuben
Stevenson, Raymond Harold and Barbara E. Blue
Steward, Annie M. and Arthur M.  16-8
Steward, Jennie G. Sec P
Steward, W.A. L-8
Stewart, Ethel May
Stewart, Pearl T. and David M.  7-9
Stewart, Thomas Hill 26-65
Stewart, Thomas Hill and Ann 26-65
Stiefenhoefer, Arthur C-5
Stiefenhoefer, Ethel C-5
Stiefenhoefer, George F. C-5
Stiefenhoefer, Howard and Mildred D. C-5
Stiefenhoefer, Laura W. C-5
Stiefenhoefer, Lovina E. C-5
Stiefenhoefer, Lovina E. Landwer C-5
Stiglich, Loretta A. and Mathias E.
Stock, Vic B-36
Stockel Family  9-4
Stockel, Ella  9-4
Stockel, William  9-4
Stone, Barbara Grant 26-59
Stone, Charles B. and Bernadine F. F-31
Stone, Leona J. F-31
Stone, Mildred E.
Stone, William  2-6
Storms, Bill C.
Story, Hubert W.
Stott Family  K-6
Stott, Baby K-6
Stott, Dorcas K-6
Stott, Eva Rosalind K-6
Stott, Eva Rosalind K-6
Stott, William T. K-6
Stott, William T. and Dorcas A. K-6
Straub, Lorena R. and Anthony C.  23-7 
Strautman, Brigitte Aleischhauer
Street, Roland and Dorothy
Streger, Ella  13-15
Streicher, George M. and Paula J.
Strewe, Olga M.
Stridde, Emily Sec 26
Strobach, Richard  8-18
Stroback, Stella J.  14-34
Strubel, Arthur R. and Martha S. 26-37
Struck, Lester C.  28-37
Stubenrauch, Joseph and Elsbeth 26-19
Stuetz, Frank F-(1)
Stumpf, Erwin and Mabel  7-24
Sturm, Miles V.  1-10
Sturtevant, David C.  8-11
Sucht, Margaret B.
Suggs, Robert C.  A-23
Suhr, Esther A. and Throdore L.C., Rev. Q-3
Sullivan, Daniel E.  15-17
Sullivan, George D. and Dorothy J.  18-41
Sullivan, Ruby L.  15-17
Sunderlage, Marion
Sunwall, Helen M. and Leroy R.
Sutker, Larry B.
Swan, Ann M. and Frank E.  24-6
Swanson, Arthur E. and Louise G.  11-22
Swanson, Eric H.  7-37
Swanson, Jack E.
Swanson, John M. and Elaine D.
Swanson, Larry R.
Swanson, Marjorie E.  7-37
Swanson, Nina E. and Eugene R.
Swanson, Robert H., Grace A. and Ann L. 20-21
Swanson, Robert H., Grace A. and Ann L. 20-21
Swartz, Harry A.  10-9
Sweeney, Elearnor A. and Robert A.
Swegle, Erma B. and Walter M.  27-14
Sweitz, John G. and Jennie L.  14-24
Swenson, Caroyn A. 26-47
Swinehart, Millie May, Alvin Jay, and Ida T.  18-17
Tackitt, Jimmy
Talamantez, Robert  28-9
Talbot, Fred J.
Talbot, Lucile
Taly, Jeffrey P. L-9
Tarwid, Natalie J. & Wesley A.
Tasche Family
Tasche, Friedericke
Tasche, Friedericke
Tasche, Lambert
Tasche, Lambert
Tasche, Lambert and Friedericke  9-30
Tate, Ray H.
Tate, Ruth H.
Tegtmeier, Fredrick C. and Louisa S. Sec Q
Temple, Matthew J. & John A.
Terbeest, George and Emma F. L-(11)
Terrill Family
Terrill Family Sec 20
Terrill, Shannon Elizabeth Sec 20
Terrill, Shannon Elizabeth Sec 20
Teter, Elizabeth Holbrook L-11
Teter, Park L-11
Themeli, Irine
Theodosis, Stella
Thies Family  13-13
Thies Family
Thies Family
Thies, Dorathea
Thies, Edward and Carrie
Thies, Henry  8-2
Thies, Henry
Thies, Henry L.  8-2
Thies, John and Clara  13-13
Thies, Mary Ann and William E.
Thies, Wilhelmina  8-2
Thies, Wilhelmina
Thies, William L.
Thiess, William J., Jr. Sec 20
Thiess, William J., Jr. Sec 20
Thomas, Daniel C., Rev. Dr. and Lois Powers  3-4
Thomas, F.D. Jig and Ottie
Thomas, Michele Claire, Mathew M. and Lucille E. Luehr  15-10
Thomasson, Henry Roberts  15-24
Thomfohrda, Walter F.
Thompson, David E. C-5
Thompson, Edna Laura Hansen and Donald Edward
Thompson, Frances, Don L., Mary A. and Don R.
Thompson, George M. and Lura  10-7
Thompson, Gertrude F.  14-17
Thompson, John
Thompson, John Walker and Mary Milsom
Thompson, Maud C.
Thompson, William and Caroline  10-7
Thoms, Flora M. F-18
Thoms, Robert August F-18
Thorp, Amanda C. and William H.  14-6
Thorp, Clara M. and Ellory H.  16-23
Thorp, Mildred A. and William J.  16-23
Thrasher, Clyde W. 26-53
Thrasher, Lula A. 26-53
Thrun, Walter J.  14-28
Thurow, Marilyn E.  6-13
Tibbens, Rex T. 20-31
Tibbens, Rex T. 20-31
Tichy, Joseph and Violette  27-28
Tichy, Joseph and Violette  27-28
Tichy, Phyllis L. and Edward  27-28
Tienken, Arnold M. and Mabel H.  1-9
Tienken, Martin H.  1-9
Tiesling, Rachel I. and Sylvester R.  14-3
Tiesling, Raymond L.
Tiffany, Clayton J.  15-15
Tiffany, Frances B.  15-15
Titterton, Alanson G.  13-18
Titterton, Donald Williams and Edna Caroline  13-18
Titterton, Fada Ruth  13-18
Tobutt, Randall M.
Todd, George A. and Anna H. 20-28
Todd, George A. and Anna H. 20-28
Tonne, Ethel R. and Richard W.  14-10
Toppel, Fred and Alvina  14-23
Toppel, Walter  14-23
Topping, Magdalena T. and Josiah M. B-35
Topple, Emily D. and Ralph F.  17-21
Traver, Robert D.
Traynor, Joyce Storms
Trent, David Comfort  15-17
Trent, Lucille D. and Andrew J.  27-1
Trestik, Raymond
Trier, Emily Arnold  6-23
Trier, Marilyn Robb  6-23
Trier, Paul W.  6-23
Trimble, Frank J. F-53
Trimble, Howard R. F-53
Trimble, Robert W. F-53
Trimble, Unknown
Troester, Lynn and Hank  29-34
Troupos, Nicholas A.
Tudela, Edith Albizu
Tuegel, Fred and Mildred 26-63
Tuegel, Helen and Albert
Tuegel, Navere
Tuegel, Walter
Turner, Elizabeth Anne and Thomas Miller
Turner, Thomas Miller
Twerdahl, Edward Arnar III  27-8
Uchimoto, Dennis and Elisabeth Dottie
Ugaste, Geraldine M. and Charles J.  18-32
Ullrich, Eugene Field, Jr. and Aileen Dolores
Umbreit, Cora Hobein
Umbreit, Henry A. and Clara B.  19-13
Umbreit, Margaret A.
Unger, Adelia  16-16
Unger, Emil  15-10
Unger, Reinhold and Adeline  15-10
Upton, Irene L. and Roy A.  16-2
Unknown Burlingham
Unknown Catlow
Unknown Deill
Unknown Deill
Unknown Hastings
Unknown Jimmy
Unknown Luella
Unknown Mary L.
Unknown MMG
Unknown Nikita