Transcription, Arnett C. Lines, July 10, 1942; Cathy Trawinski, 1998, Janet Hardison, 2011 (additional information, corrections and notes in parentheses)

Munger, Dan P.
Born, 2/25/1850, died 2/29/1908

Mina A., Cousin of H.A.H. (Harvey Augustus Harnden, son of Esther White Harnden); a White (Mina was the daughter of Olcutt A. White.)
Born, 10/13/1858
(Marina Alzina “Mina” White Munger died 4/7/1945)

2 Infants of Dan P. and Mina Munger
Died 1885 & 1888
Clifford 6/6/1885 – 7/20/1885
Veva 12/11/1888 – 12/24/1888

Alzina, Wf. Of O.A. White
Died 3/5/1887; 61 yr., 2 mo., 28 d.

White, Olcutt A.
Died 4/7/1874; 62 yr., 2 mo., 18 d.

Laura, Wf. of John White
Died 4/11/1859; 64 yr., 11 mo.

Leonard, Kate L.
Born 1871; Died 1928

Wille, son of B.L. & L.E. Hopkins
Died 7/27/1872; 9 mo.

Ruth, dau. Of ---same
Died 7/15/1885; 21 yr., 11 mo., 16 d.
Otto H., son of same
Died 7/8/1888; 22 yr., 8 mo., 3 d.

Hopkins, Benjamin Lansing (lived near White Cemetery, Daughter Ruth deceased)
Born 1817, Died, 1877
Hopkins, Louisa Turner
Born, 1831; Died 1902

Hopkins, Hattie
Born, 3/15/1868; Died, 2/6/1892

Philetus, son of F.H. & W.S. Kelsey
Died, 8/10/1849(?); 16 yr., 8 mo., 21(?) d.

Wealthy S., wife of F.H. Kelsey
Died, 9/24/1884; 80 yr.
Kelsey, Francis H., "Capt. in the Navy in War of 1812"
Died, 10/3/1865, 67 yr., 9 mo.

Platt, Lefa M., dau. of J.S. & E.M. Harnden
Born, 3/5/1836; Died, 9/2/1908

Harnden, Leonard H.
Born, 3/19/1852; Died, 4/8/1866

Luella, wf. of A.W. Parry & dau. of J.S. & E. Harnden
Died, 3/17/1885; 28 yr.

Harnden, J.S.
Born, 3/16/1807; Died, 2/27/1893
Harnden, Esther M.
Born, 10/10/1814; Died, 6/27/1902

Wm. Edson, son of E.F. & D.S. Harnden
Born, 5/17/1898; Died, 8/20/1898

Edson F. Harnden
1854 – 1930
Donna S. Wagner, wife of E.F. Harnden
Born, 1855; Died, 1913

Harnden, Ada O.
Born, 1857; Died, 19—
Harnden, Harvey A.
Born, 1848; Died, 1927

Linders, Frederick W., Wisconsin Pvt. 29 U.S. Inf., July 3, 1931 Spanish Am

Robt., Son of H.W. & M.L. Strong
6-26-1868 age 3 or 8
Strongs lived west of railroad track between W. Hawley’s farm and Frick’s—see my map. I am told Cuba Township organized at a meeting in his house.” (“His” house probably refers to Moses (M.D.) Strong, grandfather of Robert-- listed below.)

Strong, M.D.
Died, 10/7/1871; 63 yr., 8 mo.

Hannah L., wf. of E.G. Heatley (worn off)
47(?) Yrs.

Heatley, Francis
Died, 10/27/1856; age 57 yr., 4-3

Ida J., (?) of M.J. & E.C. Johnson
Died, 8/9/1863; 8-11-21 days

Schumacher, Wm.
Born, 1841; Died, 1917
Martha, his wife
Born, 1843; Died, 1927

Madison, son of B. & S. Felter
Died, 9/13/1845; 1-1-15 days

Children of J.S. and E.M. Harnden
Rodman M.
Born, 11/8/1841; Died, 6/22/1844
Infant son
Born, 2/2/1851; Died, 3/15/1851

Balmes, Esther
Born, 1/1/1918; Died, 1/3/1918

Rasmussen, Christ
Born, 1868; Died, 1937
Mary, his wife
Born, 1876; Died, 1915

George Walter Harry Lester Pedersen (four small name markers near Pederson stone)

Pedersen, L.C.
Born, 2/18/1836; Died, 1/9/1906
Mary, wf. of "
Born, 5/16/1843; Died, 7/13/1903

Pomeroy, Dan B.
Born, 1808; Died, 1893

Wilhelmina, his wife
Born, 1834; Died, 1909

Pomeroy, Reuben B.
Born, 1869; Died, 1872

Pomeroy, Emma A.
Born, 1860; Died, 1881

Pomeroy, Dan B.
Born, 1863; Died, 1879

Miller, Eliza
Born, 1806; Died, 1850

Pomeroy, Reuben, first buried on his own farm W. of house
Born, 1776; Died, 1850

Pomeroy, Susannah
Born, 1781; Died, 1855

Martha J., dau. of M.W. & J.A. Dodge
Died, 2/10/1865; 2 yr. 4-20

Hattie, dau. of G.S. & C. Ohnsman 
Died, 9/20/1875; 8 mo. 25 d.
Osborne, Hazel G.
Born, 1890; Died, 1923

Peckham, Timothy
Born, 1858; Died, 1938

Peckham, Sarah J.
Born, 1863; Died, 1930

Peckham, Elmer F.
Born, 2/14/1885; Died, 8/13/1907

Leonard, Abraham
Born, 8/23/1829; Died, 2/12/1881
Leonard, Elizabeth
Born, 8/1/1830; Died, 6/19/1901

Hacker, Paulina
Born, 1882; Died, 1916

Thompson, Job
Born, 6/11/1847; Died, 4/30/1929
Thompson, Rebecca
Born, 5/19/1850; Died, 8/25/1908

Edith, dau. of J. & R.
Born, 1885; Died, 1927

George, husband of Mary F. Thompson
Born, 8/5/1883; Died, 3/14/1910

Pomeroy, Susan P., child of Dan S.
Born, 1858; Died, 1926
Pomeroy, Fred P., child of Dan S.
Born 1855; Died, 1923

Mary M., his wife
Born, 1855; Died, 1928

Allensby, Frank J.
Born, 1870; Died, 1930

Allensby, Lida G., sister to Fred P. Pomeroy
Born, 1880; Died, 1948

Davison, Caleb Helped build first schoolhouse-Ela Twp. Near L.Z.
Died, 9/22/1864; 66 yr., 11 mo., 16 d. 
(Stone was stolen and recovered, now in Cuba Township offices.)

Elizabeth, wife of "
Died, 4/20/1861; 61 yrs.
Father and mother of Peter Davison

In memory of Eugene, only child of Peter & Martha Davison
Died Sept. 27, 1874
2 yr., 4 mo., 16 d.
(Eugene’s brother, Charles Davison, was a noted doctor of obstetrics. “ 1st Dr. OB & was later on Ill U. State Board at Urbana” (Charles is not buried in the White Cemetery.) More info at Davison, Peter (great-grandfather of Eugene and Charles.))

Miron, son of C & M.G. Bennett
Died, 12/14/1850; 7 yr. (worn off)

Bennett, Chester, first cousin to Jay Bennett
Died, 7/17/1850

Rolph, Jacob O. *
Died, 12/6/1849; 60 yr., 9 mo., 29 d
*Other sources suggest Rolph, Jacob O., Died, 12/16/1848, 60 yr. 9 mo. 29 d.

Davison, Peter, Father of Caleb Davison
Died, 9/13/1849(?); 78 yr.   
(His grandson, also named Peter (referred to by Lines as “Young Peter”) was the son of Caleb and Elizabeth, and father of Eugene and Charles.  Young Peter married Martha Whedon, who was cousin to H.A. Harnden.  (Young Peter is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Chicago.))

Mary E., dau. of C.& E. Davison
Date worn off
(C&E are Caleb and Elizabeth Davison, so Mary is buried beside her grandfather.)

Mary J., wf. of Richard Goff
Died, Aug. 30, 1864; 22 yr (?) (worn?)

Winkler, Jessie
Born, 1901; Died, 1936
Walter O.
Born, 1897; Died, 19—
(No death year has ever been filled in because he is buried beside his second wife in Evergreen Cemetery.)

Hamilton, Dannie B.
Born, 1932; Died, 1940

Shell, John H., Sergeant, 2nd Ill. Battery
Died, 9/26/1865; 22 yr., 12 d.
(Civil War records also spell his name “Schell.”)

In Memory of Charles Clark
Died, 7/21/1861 (?); age 3 (worn off)
(Old photos show two similar pillar-style tombstones in this location, but now there is only a base, and next to it a single pillar stone, weathered to illegibility except for the first name, “Charles.” In old photos, one of the pillars has a Civil War commemorative star ornament beside it. In old records of the White Cemetery Association, there is a list of military graves that includes, “Charles Clark, old soldier,” with no dates or further info.

If the transcription means by “age 3 (worn off)” that the age was two digits, thirty-something, then this is the grave of Charles Clark, old soldier and he died very early in the Civil War. If, on the other hand, this is Charles Clark, age 3, then Charles the old soldier, lost a toddler namesake at the outset of the war.

Note that Lines missed transcribing at least two more stones in this area of the cemetery, which once held a large tree. In 1942 it may have been overgrown and some of the stones may have fallen over, so that he simply didn’t find all the graves in the overgrowth).

Nelson, Manning H., Co. E. 3rd Ill. Inf.  (date worn)
Married Harriet Whedon—when he died she married Justin Fellows. Her daughter was Carrie D. Nelson who married Oscar Sinnett. Ebenezer Nelson’s daughter Nellie, married name Gothard.

Louisa G., Wf. of M. Herriman. Died, 1/24/1863; 38 yr., 5 mo., 13 d.
(Old photos show another tombstone beside hers which Lines’ missed in his transcription, and which is now gone. It may have been her husband, Merritt Herriman or (considering it is now laid flat at the base of Manning Nelson’s GAR stone) it may have been a non-military marker for Manning Nelson. That it is possibly Manning Nelson’s family marker is backed up by Lines noting “date worn” at Manning Nelson, considering GAR stones have no dates (and Louisa Herriman was his sister.))

Maria B., Wf. of Henry Nelson, Manning & Henry were bros.
Born, 5/5/1839; Died, 12/26/1866

Myra, wf. of S.H. Shryver
(stone cut off)
(Daughter of Seth P. Huntington & Angeline Kelsey. Huntington descendents give her dates as 1855-1874 and note that she died in childbirth. Barrington United Methodist Church Records and IL marriage records say Stephen H. Schryver of Cuba, Lake County, married Myra Huntington of Cuba, Lake County at the parsonage in Barrington on 6-16-1873. Witnesses: brothers and sisters.)

Died, 3/29/1866; 1 yr., 1 mo.
(Daughter of Seth Phinney Huntington and Angeline Kelsey. Myra Schryver, the listing above, was her sister.)

Jacobsen, Peter, father
Born, 1858; Died, 19—
Jacobsen, Hattie, mother
Born, 1857; Died, 1939

Schumacher, Alice K.
, daughter
Born, 8/23/1917; Died, 8/25/1931

Kingsley, Frank W., not related to Barrington Kingsleys
Born, 1868; Died, 1933
Kingsley, Martha L., Martha, daughter of Mrs. A. Leonard of Lake Street, Barrington
Born, 1860; Died, 19—
Batts, Iris K., (all on one boulder)
(The stone is in the form of a boulder and over time has settled into the earth so that Iris Batts’ name is no longer visible.)

Holmes, Ed. A.
Died, 3/12/1871; 53 yr.

Harriet L., wf. of "
Died, 11/10/1873; 53

Maria, dau. of D. & C. Baldwin & wf. of Thomas Sharp
Died, 10/28/1871; 27 yr., 7 mo., 28 d.
(Willie, son of T&M Sharp. The stone has been displaced and is so weathered it is illegible except under ideal light, but descendents of Willie’s surviving brother verify the family Bible records the birth and death of Thomas William Sharp 10/20/1871 – 7/17/1872 (since Thomas was his father’s name, he was probably called Willie.) Note his birth was eight days before his mother’s death.)

Schumacher, John L., father
Born, 1883; Died,--
Schumacher, Harriet, mother
Born, 1888; Died, 1939
Schumacher, Russell, son
Born, 1924; Died—

Georgie A., son of D. & A. Baldwin
Died, 8/1/1879; aged 8 mo., 12 d.

Speck, Georgie Wayne
Born, 4/25/1925; Died, 11/20/1933

Schryver, Albert S.
Born, 11/30/1788; Died, 1/17/1873

Schryver, Hannah W.
Born, 1/1/1795; Died, 9/3/1871

Rieke, Earnest, son of Earnest, and father of Vic and Sandford

Rieke, Alydia, she was a Golden
Born, 1866; Died, 1943

Charles, son
Born, 1892; Died, 1893

Carrie S. Golden   
Born, 1872; Died, 1912

LeRoy A. Golden   
Born, 1885; Died, 1886

Clinge, Bernard L., son of John
Born, 1868; Died, 1939

Clinge, Anna W.
Born, 1876; Died, 19—

Born, 12/9/1910; Died; 9/19/1918

Born, 2/14/1916; Died, 2/17/1916

Golden, John G.
Born, 1827; Died, 1888
Louisa K., his wife
Born, 1841; Died, 1919

Hawk, Father-Mother 

Lestina L., wf. of G.W. Johnson
Died, 6/6/1867; aged 22 yr., 9 mo., 28 d.

Amber L., dau. of G.W. & L.L.
Died, 8/25/1867; aged 3 mo., 20 d.

Nelson, J.C.
Born, 2/24/1802; Died, 9/14/1872

Prudence, wf. of
Born, 1/22/1795; Died, 5/19/1874

Tracey, Robert W., father of Mrs. Hi Hawley & grandfather to Al H.
Died, 3/17/1891; aged 78(?) yr., 9- 10 d.

Maria B., wf. of R.W. Tracey
Died, 9/22/1880; aged 56 yr., 5 mo.

Goodhue, Charles M., son of J.P. and L.A. Goodhue
Died, 2/20/1868; aged 11 yr., 9 mo.

Rieke, Matilda M.
Born, 1864; Died, 1947
Rieke, Edith E.L.
Born, 1897; Died, 1987
Rieke, Henry H., Henry H. Rieke & Matilda, father & mother of Fred, Reuben, Edith
Born, 1854; Died, 1925

Lombard, Hiram N., married Rhoda Abbott (2nd wife) & father of Nettie Lombard, was a dentist, charter member of Lounsbury 751 (Masonic Lodge)
Born, 8/7/1827; Died, 6/24/1881  
Frank 5/17/1857 – 2/1/1859 (son)
Charles C. 4/9/1859 5/27/1859 (son)
Martha A. (1st wife) 9/26/1830 – 3/20/1861

Sommerfield, Christian
Born, 1841
Sommerfield, Caroline
Born, 1871; Died, 1926

Sommerfield, Minnie
Born, 1887; Died, 1897

Westfall, Minnie, wf. of Christ Sommerfield (Minnie Westfall Sommerfield)
Born, 6/17/1831; Died, 8/3/1895

Sommerfield, Laura
Born, 5/22/1893; Died, 3/7/1895

Sommerfield, Emiel
Born, 12/3/1898; Died, 7/24/1899

Moulton, Philander, old settler, lived just East of Hollister’s corner, Cuba Rd. and Rt. 59, COG 2nd Ill. Lt. GAR
Born, 1822; Died, 1913

Eunice G., his wife   
Born, 1826; Died, 1861

Moulton, Dora
Born, 1857; Died, 1875

Betsy S., his wife
Born, 1836; Died, 1923
(2nd wife of Philander Moulton)

Cowin, Dora H.
Born, 1842; Died, 1932

Cowin, Thomas
Born, 1835; Died, 1924

Hollister, John Frank
Born, 1864; Died, 1937
Hollister, Emma Louisa
Born, 1868; Died, 19—

Hollister, Josiah Franklin
Born, 10/27/1862; Died, 5/2/1894 (of date)
Pedley, Dora Alzada
Born, 10/1/1868; Died, 2/28/1897
(Original transcription does not say “of date” but what Lines actually wrote is not quite legible. It might be some way of noting that Josiah Franklin, of this stone, and Frank Hollister, of the GAR stone listed three down, are the same person. Dora Pedley is his daughter.)

Hollister, Arthur
Born, 1876; Died, 1900

Innis Hollister, son of J.F. & C.A. (Josiah Franklin and Calista Ann)
Died, 10/17/1864, aged 2 yr., 6 mo., 24 d.

Hollister, Frank, GAR Co C 2nd ILL L.A. (Light Artillery)
(This is the same person as Josiah Franklin Hollister who shares a stone with Dora Alzeda Pedley, (his daughter).)

Hollister, Calista
Born, 1839; Died, 1919

Hollister, Innis
Born, 1802; Died, 1869
Hollister, Martha, his wife
Born, 1805; Died, 1902

Clark, Allen I., father
Born, 1822; Died, 1888
Clark, Dorcas M., mother
Born, 1828; Died, 1921

Magill, Ellis, father
Born, 1858; Died, 19—

Magill, Ella, mother
Born, 1871; Died, 1931

Hawley, Wm. W.
Born, 12/8/1858; Died, 5/4/1892

Harris, H.A., Jr.
Born, 8/12/1873; Died, 12/13/1902

Harris, Henry A.
Born, 1830; Died, 1907
Harris, Martha A.
Born, 1835; Died, 1905

Bell, Phebe, dau. of Wm. & R.S. Cornwell
Died, 6/26/1865; aged 4 yr., 9 mo., 16 d.
(Probably Phebe Bell Cornwell.  This is because the lot was paid for by Miss Emeline Cornwell, and a William Cornwell enlisted in the Civil War from Barrington. The rest of the lot was later sold by Emeline Bute (nee Cornwell) to Calista Hollister and it is now filled with Hollister graves. Old photos show Phebe’s grave among them, but at some point in the late 60s/early 70s her tombstone vanished. After vandals knocked over the Hollister stones, the headstone of Irving Hollister was mistakenly put on the empty base for Phebe’s missing headstone. Irving Hollister’s headstone should be at the far south end of the lot, but the base (as of 2012) is obscured by a large plant. Phebe’s gravestone is missing, and her gravesite is mistakenly marked by the headstone of Irving Hollister.)

Kelsey, Nancy
Born, 1844; Died, 1905
Kelsey, DeFores
Born, 1838; Died, 1915
Kelsey, Jennie M.
Died, 3/29/1879; aged 7 mo., 4 d.
Another stone broke off & unlettered
(Should be two entries for graves of two children)

Anna, wf. of J. Dominowski
Died, 12/31/1881; aged 42-5-2
Dominowski, Andrew, son of J & E.
Died, Jan. 3, 1882; aged 15 yr. +
(Anna Dominowski died in a house fire, her son a few days later. This grave and the one below were in the original Potter’s Field, the last lot of the NE corner of the old section of the cemetery.  This area of the cemetery was re-designated in the 1950s when it was decided it was not fitting to have a veteran (Samuel Gould, below) in Potter’s Field.)

Gould, Saml., G.A.R. Co.G. 52 Ill. Inf.
(Buried in Potter’s Field. Civil War records show a charity headstone was provided for Samuel Gould who died Feb. 23 or 25, 1863 and was buried in “Whites, Barrington, Cook Co, IL.”  (The cemetery is actually in Lake County.) He enlisted 9-25-1861 and was sent to Co. G, 52nd IL Infantry 11-19-1861, no muster-out date was found.  See the photo of Minnie Westfall Sommerfield’s stone. In the distance, marked with a Civil War commemorative star, is the GAR headstone of Samuel Gould.)