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Cyndi’s List

Cyndi’s List-Ports of Entry



Immigration Records-

Access to Archival Databases (AAD)


General Ships Passenger Lists

The Ships List-Passenger Lists

Immigrants Ships Transcribers Guild-Ports of Departure

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild-Ports of Arrival

GG Archives-Souvenir Passenger Lists, 1870-1960

Olive Tree Genealogy-Passenger Lists



New England Ports:

Mainly Boston*193& 



Tidewater areas, Chesapeake Bay (19 towns)*40& 


New Spain Ports:

Mainly Florida and Texas*40%7C2*207&


New France Ports:


New Netherlands Ports:*40%7C2*207&


Selected East Coast Ports

Boston, MA Passenger Manifest (1848-1891)

Maine Passenger Lists, 1820-1867

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild


Selected Midwestern Ports

Iron Range Research Center, Minnesota and the Midwest


Selected Southern Ports

Galveston Immigration Database

Indianola Immigrant Database

Louisiana Orleans Parish

New Orleans Ship Passenger List Online Index


Selected West Coast Ports

California Bound-Ship and Wagon Train Lists, 1848-1873

Ship Passengers, 1846-1899

Chinese Immigration into the U.S., 1884-1944

Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese Manifests, 1843-1900


Immigrant Ancestor Project


Archives Portal Europe


United Kingdom and Ireland

Irish Immigration Database

Irish Immigrants Database

Scotland (Archived Website)

Scottish Emigration Database

Liverpool, England



Norway Heritage

Norway Digital Archives

Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden-Ancestry and FamilySearch

Scandinavia, Mission Emigration Records, 1852-1920 (FamilySearch)

København (Copenhagen), Denmark, 1869-19084





Bremen (Bremerhaven)

Bremen Passenger Lists (Die Maus)


Other Ports-German Roots



Le Havre



Antwerp, Belgium 1855 Index-FamilySearch

Amsterdam, Netherlands-FamilySearch/Ancestry

Digital Resources for Netherlands and Belgium (click on the dates under Passenger Lists in the left column)



Genoa, 1833-1856 (CISEI) (Surnames in Italy) (Arrivals, Departures, European Immigration)



The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862 (Odessa) (Odessa)

Armenia Immigration Project to 1930

India Office Family History Search, 1600-1949

The National Archives (UK)-Migration Records, 1930-1962


Australia/New Zealand

National Archives of Australia-Passenger Arrival Lists, 1898-1972 (Also has Name Search and Photo Search, if timed out, click on guest to re-activate)

New Zealand Yesteryears, 1800-1900

Immigrant Ships to New Zealand, 1835-1910



Library and Archives of Canada-Immigration Records

Library and Archives of Canada-Search Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 (By Ship Name Only)

Library and Archives of Canada-Port of Quebec, 1865-1922

Library and Archives of Canada-Immigrants from the Russian Empire, 1898-1922

Nanaimo Name Index-Quebec/Montreal, 1903-1910

Library and Archives of Canada-Form 30A, Ocean Arrivals, 1919-1924

Library and Archives of Canada-Form 30, Border Entry, 1919-1924

Border Entry, 1908-1918 (Archived)

Border Entry, 1925-1935 (Archived)

Border Entry, Form 30, 1919-1924

Ocean Arrivals, Form 30A, 1919-1924

Passenger Lists: Eastern U.S. Ports (1925-1935) (Archived)

Passenger Lists: Halifax (1925-1935) (Archived)

Passenger Lists: Montreal (1925-1935) (Archived)

Passenger Lists: New York (1925-1935) (Archived)

Passenger Lists: North Sydney (1925-1935) (Archived)

Passenger Lists: Quebec City (1925-1935) (Archived)

Passenger Lists: Saint John (1925-1935) (Archived)

Passenger Lists: Vancouver and Victoria (1925-1935) (Archived)


Latin America

CEMLA-Index to Immigrants to Argentina 1800-1960

Movimientos Migratorios Iberoamericanos

CubaGenWeb, 1800-1900 (List of Ships Arrived to Argentina)


Africa/South Africa

Germans in South Africa

eGGSA Passenger Lists, 1850-1890

British South Africa, 1820

British 1820 Settlers to South Africa

SA Jewish Rootsbank, 1850-1950