No Jedi mind tricks necessary -- these are the books you’re looking for.

The following titles are available at the Barrington Area Library.

Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy Stories

Various writers; illustrations by Brian Rood

Your little Star Wars historian can read great stories by Elizabeth Schaefer, Ivan Cohen, Rebecca L. Schmidt, and others, brought to life by long-time franchise illustrator Brian Rood. From a tense podrace to a deadly duel with the villainous Count Dooku, experience the prequel trilogy in this kid-friendly format.


The Clone Wars: Ahsoka in Action!

Written by Jon Richards

Anakin’s padawan, Ahsoka Tano, springs into action against the deadly droids of the Trade Federation. Meet other great Clone Wars-era characters in this Level 1 beginning reader.


Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Written and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown

Star Wars and Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans alike will enjoy this silly retelling of the Star Wars saga… with a twist! Follow Jedi trainee Roan’s wacky misadventures through school -- lightsaber duels, baking soda volcano disasters, and awkward slow dances await.

First in a series.


I Am a Princess

Written by Courtney B. Carbone

Illustrated by Heather Martinez

Fans of Little Golden Books will adore this picture book retelling of the Original Trilogy from the perspective of Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan. Follow Leia’s journey from the Tantive IV to her adventures aboard the Millennium Falcon.



Are You Scared, Darth Vader?

Written and illustrated by Adam Rex

Witches? Ha! Ghosts? Don’t make me laugh. Darth Vader isn’t scared of anything!



Trapped in the Death Star!

Written by Michael Siglain

Art by Pilot Studio

Oh, no! Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie are trapped in the Galactic Empire’s terrifying superweapon, the Death Star! Can they use their bravery -- and wits -- to escape?

Level 2.


The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear!

Written by Tom Angleberger

Illustrated by Andie Tong

What started as a simple cat-sitting job has turned into a real headache for everyone’s favorite fuzzball! Join Chewbacca as he fights off strange monsters, uncovers hidden treasure, and rescues his best pal Han Solo.


Guardians of the Whills

By Greg Rucka

When the Empire destroys the Jedi Temple on Jedha, best friends Baze and Chirrut must band together to save their people. This book for upper elementary readers serves as a prequel to Star Wars: Rogue One.



The Galaxy Needs You

Written by Caitlin Kennedy

Illustrated by Eda Kaban

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from -- you have it in you to be a hero! Follow Rey as she gears up to save the galaxy from the First Order in this companion to the Sequel Trilogy.



BB-8 on the Run

Written by Drew Daywalt

Illustrated by Matt Myers

Poor BB-8! He’s been separated from his best buddy, hotshot pilot Poe, and now he’s stuck on Jakku! Will our little droid find his way home?


Adventures in Wild Space, Book 1: The Snare

By Cavan Scott

First in a series. After Milo and Lina’s parents are abducted by the Empire, the kids set out on an epic adventure to rescue them. Explore the farthest edges of the galaxy in this amazing series!

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