Mindfulness is an activity you can practice year-round, but here are some summer inspired activities to encourage mindful moments for your little ones.

  1. Gardening
    Whether it is at home or participating in a gardening program at the BALibrary, gardening is a great way to connect to nature! What colors do you see? How does the dirt feel between your fingers? Notice how the flowers smell.
  2. Cloud watching
    Gaze up at the clouds and see what shapes you can see! Better yet, lay in the grass and notice how it feels beneath your body.
  3. Blowing bubbles
    Get out your bubbles and wand! Pay attention your breath as you inhale and exhale to make the bubbles.
  4. Draw with sidewalk chalk
    Get creative and draw something you love! What colors do you use? What shapes are within your drawings? What texture does the chalk have?
  5. Nature walk
    Put on those walking shoes and explore nature! What do you see? What colors do you notice? What does the ground feel like beneath your feet? Do you feel the sun on your face or the wind in your hair? What do you hear or smell? Name anything else you notice!

Interested in programs related to mindfulness? Check out Morning Garden Story Time, Loose Parts Nature Play, Nature Art, Nature I Spy, Meditation Story Time, and Little Kids, Big Feelings.


   Youth Services Assistant Librarian Jessica